Private Program 2 June 2008 Performance

For all curious spectators and potential members, here is the Private Investment Program 2 performance outcome for June 2008:



After clearing out our consolidated revenue, including most of Junes returns and paying out our taxes, we have decided to roll what little funds from our returns of June into our July trading month.

June 08 RWC 1 =0%

June 08 RWC 2=0%

If your not happy with this be aware that all the Superannuation, and retirement managed funds lost between 11 to 30% this past year. WE MADE MONEY

We actually trade our funds, and no matter where the share price is we keep trading the options in that stock, this is a very different method to most super fund manages, who simply buy stock or property on their clients behalf, and go with the flow.

–end quote–

More information about this investment program can be found here: