Try My Forex Vps for Free!

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Hi everyone. I forgot to mention this in my previous post announcing the launch of the VPS platform, but I am giving away 2 day trials to anyone who is interested in trying out the forex vps platform. All you have to do is go to the Forex VPS Nirvana homepage, click on Contact, and use the contact form.

I’ve also been very generous in extending the 2 day trial period as well, so if you need a bit more than 2 days I can accommodate you.

Thank you kindly for your support,



–Update– I should also mention that I DO have an affiliate program! Checkout the homepage and click on the Affiliates link.

One thought on “Try My Forex Vps for Free!”

  1. Frankly speaking I don’t like using VPS especially given that I am not at home all the time, so a lot of time I am required to trade from my smart phone or even other’s place, so that’s where I really enjoy working with OctaFX broker on their mobile cTrader platform, it’s truly epic with advance technology available, it allows me to work smoothly and I can trade from any corner of the world without any trouble at all and that is what makes me so happy as a trader.

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