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Want your own Clickbank mall and search portal?

Hi everyone. As I was reviewing websites on I came across a new “get your own free clickbank mall” service, so I decided to investigate further. After roughly 30 minutes exploring the site, I was convinced that it is by far the best designed free clickbank mall/search portal – even better than CBMall. The site is called CBTopSites and you can get a FREE clickbank mall, search box, and clickbank ads (like google adsense). There is a slight catch, only 90% of the ads will have your clickbank id; 5% of the links will have the clickbank id of the person who referred you, and the remaining 5% the clickbank id of the site administrator. There is a way to have 100% of the links be yours, but for this you’d have to upgrade to “Pro” package for a one-time fee of $49.95.

What I suggest you guys do if if and when you sign up for this site is to get a domain name and have that domain point to your Clickbank mall’s website. This is what I’ve done and you can see it in action by going to

So, without further ado, here is the link to the opportunity page so you can decide if this is right for you. Good luck and I hope you make tons of cash :)

Click here to visit the CBTopSites opportunity site to get your free clickbank mall!

**EDIT: I no longer recommend this website. I am 90% sure it’s just a scam. The only person making money from this is the CBTopSites admin who inserts his clickbank id 9 time out of 10 into YOUR cbtopsites mall – EVEN IF YOU PAID FOR THE UPGRADE!!***

tmiwireless: review of affiliate program

Hello folks. It has been a while since I did a review of an affiliate program, but here it comes. I will keep this one short and to the point. I recently came across this opportunity, and it peaked my interest so I decided to give it a try.

As you can tell my the name of the program, it is all about telecommunication products (cell phones, voip, alarm systems..etc). What you are doing is promoting their online cell phone shop and in return for qualified sales you’ll receive a hefty commission.

Here is a snapshot of their compensation plan:

Commission Rates:
Product Commission Rate
Wireless phone/plan (contract-based) $50 per shipped phone + 10% bonus if you reach 20 shipped phones in a given month!
2-Phone Family Plan (contract-based) $60 per shipped family plan (2 phones) + 10% bonus if you reach 20 shipped phones in a given month!
Phone Upgrade/Contract Extension $10 per order maximum (regardless of # lines)
Liberty Wireless (no longer active) $20 per shipped phone
Disney Mobile, Ampd Mobile, Cingular GoPhone, T-Mobile ToGo, Virgin Mobile $7 per shipped phone
Q Score/SmartAccess phone (T-Mobile only) $10 per shipped phone
Opex Wireless Plans $10 bounty plus 10% residual of customer bill
Opex Internet Phone (VOIP) $10 bounty plus 10% residual of customer bill
Wireless Accessories (sold separately through the >Accessories page, not combined with phone sales) 15% of total amount
Ringtone/Mobile Game Subscription $5 per sale
Dish Network TV $75 per installation
Home Alarm System $80 per installation

Bonus Details

You earn a 10% bonus when you sell 20 or more post-paid (contract based) cell phones in a given month. For example, say you ship 22 phones in April, your commission will be $50 * 22 + 10% bonus ($110) = $1210.00. Note that family plans with 2 lines count as 2 phones, so you could sell 10 family plans (2 phones each) and still get the bonus. Prepaid, no-contract, and QScore/SmartAccess phones do not apply (e.g, Liberty Wireless, Opex Wireless). The bonus amount is calculated on the standard commission you earn on cell phones only (other non-cell phone products such as satellite tv, home alarms, etc are not included in the 10% calculation). Sub-affiliate sales do not count towards the bonus quota of 20 sales – only direct Tier-1 sales apply.

Override Commissions: (commission you earn on sub-affiliate sales)
Product Bonus Commission Rate
Wireless phone/plan (contract-based) $10 per shipped phone
2-Phone Family Plan (contract-based) $10 per shipped family plan (2 phones)
Phone Upgrade/Contract Extension None
Liberty Wireless None
Disney Mobile, Ampd Mobile, Cingular GoPhone, T-Mobile ToGo, Virgin Mobile None
Q Score/SmartAccess phone (T-Mobile only) None
Opex Wireless Plans None
Opex Internet Phone (VOIP) None
Wireless Accessories None
Ringtone/Mobile Game Subscription None
Dish Network TV None
Home Alarm System $20 per installation

Since I have yet to fully market my new wireless store and see if it generates profits I cannot comment much on how successful you should expect to be with this affiliate program, but I am sure those of you who are excellent at online marketing will do well.If you are curious about this opportunity click the link below to join and give this new program a try:

Please read the comment left by Daniel Hung – Affiliate Program Manager for

Want to make tons of cash promoting digital products?

If you read the title and you say yes to the question posed in it, then you should read this blog entry as I’m going to introduce you to Clickbank. Clickbank has grown to become extremely popular with online marketers. The main reason is that it will allow you to earn HUGE commissions from promoting other people’s (to sell your products in Clickbank’s marketplace read this post). I’ve seen commissions as high as %70, but I’m sure some sellers are willing to give you a higher commission rate.

The Clickbank system works like this:

You sign-up and get an unique clickbank id. You then take this userid and insert it into what are called “hop-links” (dont worry all of this jargon will be explained in Clickbanks’s very informative FAQ – they even have tutorials showing you how to do this). Once you’ve inserted your clickbank id into a hop-link, all you have to do is promote the hop-link along with the product associated iwth that hop-link on your website, blog, traffic-exchange, etc. If you get a sale you will receive your commission instantly to your clickbank account.

Clickbank will then write you a cheque for the commission amount! It’s that simple. For all the tiny details that I cannot go into (don’t worry no hidden catches) here for lack of space, you’re going to have to checkout Clickbank’s FAQ.

So, if you want to join Clickbank and earn money just visit their website by following this link:

*I am in no way associated with Clickbank or promoting their service, I am just a regular Clickbank user who thought you’d be interested in knowing how I use Clickbank to make money

Have a digital product you’d like to sell?

Have a digital product you’d like to sell? I’ve got a very good method that I’d like to bring to your attention. It’s called Clickbank, and numerous people have used it to successfully sell their information products, services, etc. The way the system work is that you sign-up with Clickbank and become a publisher in their massive digital products marketplace. Now here is the twist. How would you like to have OTHER people promote your product to potential customers in exchange for a commission of your products sale price? I would take it! It’s such an excellent way to promote online products that Clickbank has become wildly successful.

So what’s the catch, you ask. None! All that you have to do is design a catchy website promoting your product! Clickbank will take care of the rest. They’ll take payments on your behalf and dispense the commissions to the people who have promoted and sold your product. Last time I’ve checked Clickbank will accept a wide variety of payment methods, including credit cards. This is a great way to sell your products without the added expense of purchasing a merchant account and having to deal with all the headaches that doing so will entail.

So to sum it up, I found Clickbank to give the following benefits:

Reach millions of customers worldwide
Enable a huge network of experienced affiliates to promote your product.
Track product sales with extensive real-time reporting.
Keep customers happy with our reliable customer service.
Experience accurate and on-time payments to publishers and affiliates.

Your only expense will be a one-time activation fee of about $49.95 and then you’re set and ready for selling. Don’t worry, Clickbank will provide you extensive examples on how to design your promotional website and how to integrate Clickbank’s checkout system into your website.

Just Click this link to become a Clickbank publisher today!

Click me :)!

Phantomplate affiliate program

Hi there. Alan again (I hope you haven’t forgotten my name or haven’t even bothered to read the website title) with a new opportunity for you folks. This one is a referral program that could earn you lots of money if you’re successful in promoting the company’s product. What you are promoting are the products of Phantomplate. They are the makers of a very popular product (among others) in the form of a spray that prevents traffic cameras from take a picture of your license plate number! Pretty neat. They also have other great products that you can promote to earn a commission.

You will receive a 20% commission on all sales!

All that is needed of you is to promote your referral link, which takes the potential customer to Phantomplate’s website. Once the customer purchases something, you get 20% of what he paid. Please note that you have to earn a minimum of $50 in commissions to receive payment from Phantomplate. They will pay you via paypal or if you choose, via cheque (pardon my spelling, I am Canadian, eh, and here in Canada we spell it cheque, not

Oh, and I should also mention that they will pay for the clickthroughs. Yes, you’ll receive a $0.05 commission for bringing traffic to their site. They do have a rule about this though which specifies that they only pay for traffic that generates a sale by a 300:1 ratio, so therefore, if you’ve made a sale you will get paid for 300 clicks per sale. This is all stipulated in the affiliate agreement, so READ IT CAREFULLY!! Anyways, I wish you all success in this program.

Click this link to become an affiliate now:

Click me please :)

CBClicks – viral advertising system

Got a website? Then, imagine your Clickbank affiliate ID on thousands of pages all over the internet, making you big money 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and all 100% free! This system has the potential to rack in the big bucks if used properly.

I joined a while back, but I just don’t have the time to put the CBClicks system fully to the test. Suffice it to say it works best if you have a website with specific content and then you place content specific CBClicks text banners on that site, so since I don’t quite have a lot of websites I don’t think CBClicks will work as well for me. However, let that not discourage some of you. I am posting this opportunity because there could be huge potential returns for those of you who are willing to put in the effort to make the system work.

Click this link to listen to an audio presentation by the site’s founder:

In my next post I’m going to let you all in on a new information products portal site I’ve been working on.