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RoboForm Affiliate Program


Greetings fellow affiliate marketers. I’d like to introduce you to a new affiliate program that I’ve had success with. This affiliate program is operated by the folks who make a software program called RoboForm. As I mentioned in a previous blog post I can assure you that RoboForm does pay it’s affiliates because they paid me. So now that you can rest assured that your promotional efforts will get rewarded let’s go into some of the details of this affiliate program.

What you’ll be promoting:

If you join this affiliate program you’ll be promoting a software product called RoboForm which is an easy and secure password manager. RoboForm remembers passwords, logs you into web sites and fills forms with one-click. As I’m sure you can already tell this is a very useful software package! Some of you may be thinking “so what, my browser can already do this.” Yeah true enough but RoboForm is by far more advanced and more feature rich than your web browser’s password manager. RoboForm is also available on most mobile devices such as iPhone/iPod Touch, Google’s Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Palm and Symbian.  You can also use  RoboForm2Go on all USB flash drives. Can your web browser do that? Didn’t think so. Let’s move on.

Now you should bear in mind that there is a FREE version of RoboForm that people will be able to download via your affiliate link. However the free version has limitations.  With the free version one  can have a maximum of 10 logins. If someone wants an unlimited number of logins and identities an upgrade to the “Pro” version is necessary.

This licensing fee is paid YEARLY. At the moment it is only $9.95 for the first year, and $19.95 for the second year and afterward. In my opinion this is a very reasonable price.

How much commission do I get?

For every person that upgrades to the Pro version you get a 30% revenue share. I think that’s pretty generous. The key with this affiliate program is mass appeal. If you have method of marketing to a lot of people I think you will have great conversion rates with this affiliate program. If you’re a big shot affiliate and can drive more than 500 downloads per day they’ll consider building a custom commission plan just for you!

Do they have a sub-affiliate program?

No, I’m afraid they do not have a sub-affiliate program (yet – who knows maybe they will implement one in the future?) so you cannot earn additional income by referring other affiliates.

How will I get paid?

You will get paid via PayPal or check. The minimum payout for PayPal is $30 and $50 for a paper check.

How do I join?

To join the RoboForm affiliate program all you have to do is visit the RoboForm homepage and scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the word “Affiliates” and click on the link. I would’ve posted a link to the current affiliates registration page but I am concerned that they may change it in the future and thus invalidate my link here on this post.

There you go. Another affiliate program you can add to your repertoire of money making machines.

I hope this has been of help, and I wish you all the best of luck!



RoboForm Affiliate Program Pays


Greetings. I’ve just received a PayPal payment from the folks running the RoboForm affiliate program so I am glad to report that this affiliate program pays. In light of this I think that if you’re into affiliate marketing RoboForm’s affiliate program deserves your consideration. The product that you are promoting is in my opinion a very useful and even critical software product. Why critical? Well, it’s because these days there are so many websites that require registration of some sorts that it can be a nightmare to keep track of all the login info and password. Yeah I know you can use the same userid and password for all of them but that’s not exactly the smart thing to do.

I’m not going to write a full review of this affiliate program here – worry not cause one is coming up really soon – so I shall end this post leaving you in suspense.

In a few hours hopefully I shall have a full review up.

In the meantime if you wish to try out the actual roboform program (hey it’s FREE) here is the download link:

Alan out.

Attention Full Tilt Poker Affiliates – Rush Poker Mobile Is Here

Hello fellow money makers. I just thought I’d make a short post for all you current and future Full Tilt Poker affiliates to let you know that an exciting new promotional opportunity has opened up for you all. The Full Tilt Poker crew have released a mobile poker platform called “Rush Poker Mobile,” and I personally think that this should add additional value and an extra incentive for potential poker players to sign up under your affiliate link.

According to the Full Tilt Poker crew players can now play the world’s fastest poker game anywhere, anytime with Rush Poker Mobile. Rush Poker Mobile is a new application designed to work on mobile devices that support Flash v10.1 or higher. Rush Poker Mobile features both real money and play money  tables.

Essentially the bottom line is that the Full Tilt Poker “Rush Poker Mobile” platform can help you boost your commissions as your players can now play their favorite Full Tilt Poker games wherever they are. Who here doesn’t want to boost their commissions? There you go. Now go out there and promote it!

If you’re not a Full Tilt Poker affiliate and you wish to become one please see the link below:

I wish you all the best of luck!



CashBurners Affiliate Program – Sell Supplements and Sextoys


Hi everyone. I’ve got another affiliate program for your consideration. This one is slightly different than what I typically get into. The CashBurners affiliate program is all about promoting supplements and adult toys, something that may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but then again everyone is different so to each his own.

Now let’s get into some details regarding this affiliate program. First off you should know that you will be promoting various supplements and adult toys (aka sextoys.) Some examples of the products you’ll earn a commission from are: Acai Berry weight loss, EZSLIM natural diet pills, Musclemax Xtreme (body building), Concieve (fertility enhancement), Hoodia (weight loss), Delay (anti premature ejaculation), and more.

I’m not so sure about the efficacy of some of the sexual enhancement products as I haven’t tried any myself, but I do know that hoodia and some of the weight loss products do work. Hoodia especially is a quite popular weigh loss supplement that works for me. The great thing about this affiliate program is that you have a wide variety of products that you can promote so you can pick and choose what you think will sell best or optionally go for a “promote everything” strategy.

For each of the products you can promote they give you website templates you can download and put on your own domains. I personally think this is the best method of making the best of this affiliate program. Get a good domain if you can find one and download their site templates, upload them, and off you go! Send some qualified and targetted traffic and wait for the money to roll in.

Commission level:

For your effort as an affiliate CashBurners will give you a 40% commission, which in my humble opinion is very generous. On a few product offerings you can earn a 50% commission. The products offering 50% commission are listed on the affiliate members page under the “Bonus” heading.

How do I get paid?:

Once you earn some commissions the fun part of getting your money can be accomplished via the following payout methods:

Bank transfer, Entropay, AlertPay, Payoneer, and last but not least PayPal (my preferred method)

Does it work? Will I make money?

Honestly I can’t give you a definitive answer as I just signed up for this affiliate program a few hours ago. I will be giving it a good effort so no doubt later on I will report whether I’ve had success with it or not. CashBurners veterans are more than welcome to chime in and let me and everyone know how their experience with this affiliate program went. You can alternatively post on a forum thread I’ve created. Here is the link:

Ok, I think that’s all I can reasonably say about this affiliate program given the limited experience I have with it. I will keep you all up-to-date as always. In the meantime if you wish to find out more or to join the CashBurners affiliate program, please see this link:

Until next time, I wish you all the best of luck with all your ventures!



P.S. One more thing, please be careful not to put any AdSense ads on the site(s) you use to promote products from this affiliate program. Google does NOT want this sort of stuff, so do NOT do it or Google will most likely suspend your AdSense account. Just thought I’d warn you!

Join this new online industry with unlimited potential for future growth

The e-currency business is in the developing stage at the moment and this is your opportunity to join this growing market. E-currencies are already accepted as a payment method at Business Express,, Cyber Solutions, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Yahoo Auctions, e-bay, Teal Point Software etc. The list goes on, e-gold is accepted at numerous casinos, online shops and services.

So this is your chance to become an exchange provider for all major digital currencies that are currently available on the Internet and introduce other people to the new secure method of payment and money transfers.

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You may join for FREE and receive:

  • your own online business in the form of your personalised affiliate website;
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To join this great, one of a kind opportunity please go to eForexGold™ Once you sign up, and you will receive your own eForexGold™ affiliate website and information to get you started.

Full Tilt Poker Introduces The Black Card


I’ve got some news for all you Full Tilt Poker affiliates (such as myself). Full Tilt Poker have introduced a rewards program for their players called “The Black Card”

Here is an excerpt taken directly from Full Tilt Poker which best described what The Black Card is all about:

The Black Card will make big waves in the poker world, and players will be gunning hard to earn the prestige of attaining this elite status.

The Black Card is going to translate to higher and faster conversions and affiliate revenue for you, so be sure to leverage this excitement by heavily promoting its launch in order to fully capitalize your earning potential.

The Black Card is a unique selection of rewards for players who reach elite status at Full Tilt Poker. The Black Card entitles players who attain this status to such outstanding benefits as exclusive access to the private Black Card Store, where they can exchange Full Tilt Points for cash bonuses, as well as limited-edition, luxury collectors’ items and branded Black Card merchandise. They also receive 2x Full Tilt Points and entry to exclusive online Black Card tournaments. Black Card holders will also enjoy preferred treatment at live events in the company of Full Tilt Poker pros.

Your players will love the challenge of striving to reach this elite and prestigious achievement, as well as the tremendous benefits they will enjoy once they manage to attain their Black Card membership.

Seize the opportunity and promote the launch of Black Card in your news and review sections of your site. Black Card is the biggest thing to hit the poker world, so be sure to share in its success and promote it hard. First mover advantage is certainly going to apply.

To become a Black Card Member, players need to generate a minimum daily average of 500 FTP points over a rolling 100-day period.

As a PRP affiliate, this means your players will generate more rake both as they strive to become a Black Card member and as they maintain their status once they achieve their membership.

If you’ve read the above text you no doubt realize that this is definitely a good thing for you as a Full Tilt Poker affiliate. So my suggestion for you fellow Full Tilt Poker affiliates is to heavily promote the new Black Card. Full Tilt Poker has plenty of marketing materials you can use, so make sure you do!

As I mentioned on numerous other occasions I strongly recommend the Full Tilt Poker Affiliate Program, so if you want to make some good money promoting the Full Tilt Poker online poker platform please click on the banner below:

Play Online Poker

I wish you the best of luck!

P.S. If you need some help with getting started as a Full Tilt Poker affiliate – such as how to get started marketing, promotion ideas, etc – feel free to give me a shout.