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Tips for Entrepreneurs

Here are 10 useful tips to keep in mind if you intend to embark upon the wonderful journey of becoming an entrepreneur. I strongly recommend you do. It can and will change you and your life; especially if you become successful at it.

1. Start your business with your eyes geared towards your long term success.

2. Set and maintain goals that can be accomplished with long term objectives.

3. Manage growth carefully, without hindering your long term benefits.

4. Understand your market and how you belong in it.

5. Be the trend setter, cautiously.

6. Learn from both the good and bad of your past.

7. Invest wisely, decide wisely too.

8. Grow wisely without waste.

9. Manage your funds wisely, tightly, frugally, carefully.

10. Learn to market your business correctly, effectively.

Earn Money from your Websites or Blogs – 5 Tips

You may be one of the many people who has a website but doesn’t know you can earn money from it. Even though your website may not be an official business, there’s no reason why you can’t take advantage of the amazing online income opportunities. Extra money is always good, right?

It doesn’t matter what type of website you have – business, personal, hobby, affiliate, charity, etc. you can make money. But for some reason, most people aren’t doing it. If you have targeted traffic already coming to your website, blog, or MySpace page, you can monetize it by implementing any or all of the tips we’ll discuss below.

1. Google AdSense

One of the easiest things you can do to immediately earn money from your website is to add Google AdSense. Just sign up for an account, get the special code, and add it to your website where you want AdSense to appear. Based on the content of your page, Google will serve relevant text ads. The more targeted and relevant your content, the more targeted the ads will be (and hence more clicks). When someone clicks an ad on your site, you’ll earn money from the advertiser! It’s easy, quick, and can be very profitable depending on the amount of traffic to your site and the relevancy of your content.

2. Affiliate Programs

There are thousands and thousands of affiliate programs with products online. It’s a simple concept – merchants pay you commissions when you send customers to them. If you have targeted traffic coming to your site why not promote related products and earn extra money? For example, if you have a blog about your favorite TV show, you could recommend the DVD box sets of earlier seasons. The people reading your blog would be interested in the DVDs and you could earn income when a sale is made at the merchant’s site from a customer that originated at your blog.

You need to identify who your customers are and what they would and would not be interested in. Then go look for merchants offering those products. In fact, while searching, you will probably come across products you never thought of. To get started, Google your website topic and ‘affiliate program’.

You can also visit one of the many affiliate program directories online. I always recommend considering residual income affiliate programs because merchants will pay you commissions/revenue share for the life of the customer (check out Residual Income Finder Directory for a list of merchants offering residual income). Simply, you get customers to buy once and you receive commissions on any re-order or monthly subscription thereafter. If your website is down or it’s a slow month, you can still be making income from past customers!

Once you sign up, get text links and banners from the merchants and put them on your site where people will see them. If you’re devoting a page to a product, include your affiliate link to the merchant website in the text. This will appear as a recommendation by you and people will be more likely to click it and visit the merchant. If the merchant product is relevant to the entire site or is more general, add a banner ad. Don’t be afraid to recommend products and place affiliate banners in your content. Sometimes you have to get right into your customer’s face for them to notice!

3. Sell Products

Instead of sending traffic directly to a merchant, you can appear to sell their products on your site. Although still an affiliate program, the merchant provides code that you place on your site to make it appear the customer is buying from you. This is accomplished with a popup window or iframe so that the merchant’s website opens in your website. For example, you can sell website templates or dating memberships on your site simply by including a snippet of code. Merchants will even provide content, co-branded stores, galleries, and more so that more of the selling is on your site instead of the merchant.

4. Newsletter List

Every website should have a newsletter/mailing list. Customers voluntarily give you their email address so you can send them related information that they’ll be interested in. Not only are they receptive and more likely to read what you send them, it keeps your website in their mind and encourages them to come back where they can then click your AdSense or affiliate links. You can also send them some of your affiliate links in the email itself. It’s really a great marketing opportunity that’s easy to implement. Your web hosting probably already includes a newsletter list you can enable. If not, there are many online that are free or for purchase.

5. Sell Advertising Space

If your site gets good targeted traffic and has a good page rank and reputation, companies may want to take out advertising on your website. You never know, one of those merchants with an affiliate program might be willing to pay you to place their banner ad on your site. If I was a merchant selling hiking boots and your website was a popular hiking site with local routes and tips, I might want to place my ad on your site because your site is my target market. Figure out a reasonable fee and ask merchants if they would be willing to advertise with you.

There are actually a few companies online that make selling advertising space really easy by bringing publishers like you close to advertisers. Two of the best companies are AdBrite and Text-Link-Ads. In both cases you set a price of how much it would cost to place a text ad on a page of your website. Advertisers who are interested can purchase the ad space you’ve offered and it will show up automatically. All you do is place the block of the code given to you where the ad will be shown. This is a great way to automate this process so you don’t have to find advertisers on your own – they’ll find you!

In Conclusion…

Even if your site is not a traditional business website, you can earn money from it. All you need is targeted traffic and valuable content and you could be making a great income at home from your website. Why not monetize your website today?

The Bursting Commodities Bubble


Hello dear investors. I just came across a very interesting article written by David Galland in the latest edition of the Escape from America Magazine.

Some interesting quotes:

In my view, it [the bubble era] is largely due to the massive amount of money in various forms sloshing around the globe, most of which emanates from the Quicky Print Fiat Money Machines which have been reliably chugging away at central banks around the globe for decades now.

Exactly! Bullseye!

And gold?

Well, while useful in certain industrial applications, gold as a commodity has a unique utility – it is considered as tangible money the world over. It is portable, easily divisible, durable and unquestionably accepted around the world. In an environment of a global crisis in confidence in fiat money, gold will provide a critical function that will only grow in importance in the months and years just ahead.

Indeed. When the people finally realize that the emperor wears no clothes, gold (and arguably silver) will be flocked to en mass by panicky investors. I believe that even at today’s price gold is still relatively cheap. The nature of the fiat game is like that of a drug junkie – the printing presses can’t stop or the whole ugly financial superstructure build upon a shaky foundation of debt will come tumbling down.

Well, I don’t want to steal the limelight. Click here to read Mr. Galland’s article.

Tips to Send Visitors to your Clickbank Mall

**EDIT: I no longer recommend this website. I am 90% sure it’s just a scam. The only person making money from this is the CBTopSites admin who inserts his clickbank id 9 time out of 10 into YOUR cbtopsites mall – EVEN IF YOU PAID FOR THE UPGRADE!!***

Hello dear fellow online marketers. If you visit my blog on a regular basis you may remember seeing my posts about the free clickbank mall offer provided by CBTopSites. If you already got your free clickbank mall, then great! If you did not or this is your first time hearing about this opportunity I recommend you visit the site below:

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Now, since you’ve got your free clickbank ready to receive traffic let’s get to the heart of this article, which is about methods you can use to get free traffic. I hope you find it useful and profitable:

Free Methods to send visitors to your CBTopSites Mall:

(1) If you have web sites or blogs, place any of
your mall links, search box, clickbank ads, banners and
cb mall code on them.

Paste them in prominent places on your sites/blogs so that visitors can find them easily and enter CBTopSites Mall. If you get more visitors to your sites, you can make more sales. You can also try the tips below.

(2) Advertise your link in appropriate category on
and other free classified ads sites such as : Backpage, GumTree, kijiji etc.

(3) Use your links as your email signature.
You can write your signature in your email settings. Whenever you send emails, your links will be attached at the bottom and the recipient can visit your Mall.

(4) Use your links as signature in forums.
When you make new posts or reply to posts, others can click links in your signature, visit your Mall and purchase anything they want.

The codes are given in the your mall links page. You can use links specific to each forum.

(5) Tell your friends

(6) Place your link in online profiles. ( example : While registering in orkut, forums, social networking sites or other web sites, there may be a field for website. Fill your link in that field.)

(7) Submit your links in Social Bookmarking Sites such as Digg,, Propeller, Technorati, listible, furl, yahoo my web, slashdot, Searchles etc..

list 1, List 2

Do not use the AddThis bookmark button on the CBTopSites pages. Instead, go to various social bookmarking sites and save your links there.

(8 ) Start a Blog or a web site and post reviews about products in your Mall and place relevant ‘Mall links’.

example: You can write a review of some ‘dog training’ guide in your Mall and place your mall link:
along with that review and paste it on your blog/website.

(9 ) Start a Blog or website. Write articles related to different products in your Mall and place related Mall links in it.

(You can get ideas about what to write from various Article Directories.)

example: You can write an article about ‘weight loss tips’ and place your mall link:
along with that article and paste it on your blog/website.

(10) Start a lens (web page) on and write relevant reviews/descriptions of products in your mall and paste relevant Mall links in that lens.

(11) Write Articles and submit to article directories. Place relevant ‘Mall links’ in the signature. (some article directories do not allow affiliate links in signature)

(12) Answer questions on or other such services and place relevant Mall links.

(13) Place any of your links on all your printed materials.

(14) Include your links in Free Classified Ads

(15) Add your links to blog comments. Find quality and relevant blogs and leave a comment with your link. (just be careful not to abuse this however!)

(16) Add your links to web directories that accept affiliate links.

(17) Promote your mall offline as well as online.

(18) Give promotional items with your link.
Example: you may give a free ebook to your visitors and place your link on each of its pages.

(19 ) Put your link in all business press releases

(20) Submit written reviews of your website to print media such as magazines and more…

(21) Participate in ‘newsgroups’ without spamming and post your links in your signature.

(22) If you have an email list, include any of your links in your email messages / newsletters.

(23) You can also advertise in YouTube.

(24) There are some ‘Free Advertising Forums’ online.
Or, in some forums, members can advertise their links. Post your link there.

(25) Add a link to your site from within your eBay profile or any other online profile.

Research in google for more ‘web site promotion’ methods.

Paid methods of sending visitors to your Clickbank Mall

(1) You can advertise using Pay Per Click Ads such as
Google Adwords, MSN Adcenter, Yahoo search marketing and other search engines.
Also at : Adbrite,
Bidvertiser etc…

(2) Advertise your links through
Press Releases

(3) Advertise in Paid classified ads such as

(4) You can advertise and promote your mall and links anywhere online.

(5) Advertise in Ezines, Newsletters etc..

(6) You can also Buy Targeted Traffic

(7 ) Research in google or any other search engine if you wish to know more about promoting your links online.

Before you proceed with any of these methods, please follow their rules and regulations.

DON’Ts – Whatever you do DO NOT do the following:

1) Please Do not Spam
2) Read the rules / terms of service before advertising or posting your links anywhere
3) Do not promote using auto surf traffic exchanges (they do NOT work!)
4) Do not buy 1000000 hits/ visitors for $10 etc…
5) Do not buy 1000000 emails for $10 etc…
6) Do not join any safelists (these don’t work either!)
7) Do not post your links in Free For All Links (FFAs)
8 ) Do not post your link in unrelated Newsgroups or usenet groups