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Private Program 2 – April 2008 Performance Results

Good day everyone. This is just a brief post regarding the latest performance results for my “Private Program 2” :

APRIL RESULTS. Strategy 1 4.9 % gross 4.5% net. Strategy 2 4% gross 3.6% net

Strategy 1 results were boosted by April dividends.

Private Program 2 results were influenced with buying back some positions to reduce risk and use the cash in better trades.


We estimate the gap in our portfolio value of Strategy 1 dealer book ( this is the difference between our purchase cost, and protection value) will be a lot narrower by year’s end, and we should be trading in double digit profit numbers in the first quarter of 09, I’m sure we all look forward to that!!!

Those of you who wish to join me in this investment program please get in touch with me. You can find my e-mail on the original post (referenced at the top)

Paradise Properties Real Estate Investments (PPREI) update for May 1 2008

Here is the latest update from the admin of PPREI (Paradise Properties Real Estate Investments – an offshore real estate investment project). It looks like they are back in full swing and ready to take on new investors. By the way if you want to find out more about PPREI checkout this post. Here is the full update details:


Well we are nearly ready to open up the investing again. Why the delay since our last email?

There has been a bit of a Silver shortage that seems to be catching up for the moment. Our silver order was on backorder and as such we didn’t feel it right to open up an investment plan and not be able to send those that invested into it the silver.

That is about to change as we should have our silver early next week. Once we receive it we will open up the new plans.

Remember to come to the forum once in a while to check for updates as they are about to happen regularly now. Don’t be spooked out of the forum as it is a ghost town in there right now (ever since FP ran off we lost a lot of investors) but we plan on changing that. Drop in and say a quick hello.

Just wanted to touch base with everyone.

We will update the forum and site next week :)

Oh and for those that have continued to invest and stuck with us after FP ran off (don’t get me started on them) we will be sending a little gift to you as well. Please just make sure your accounts are up to date with your correct mailing address.

Have a safe weekend everyone.


Paradise Properties Real Estate Investments (PPREI) Is Back In Action

Paradise Properties Real Estate Investments (aka PPREI) has been dormant for quite some time now and I thought that this investment program would just slowly fade into nothingness. Therefore I was quite surprised when I received an e-mail update from the admin of this investment program. After the problems and the money lost with FriendlyPay the program’s admin has come up with another innovative solution to guarantee the safety of investors funds. I believe all you need to learn is contained in the e-mail update down below:

Just a little update to let everyone know the PPREI Forum has been re-opened.

Also a little hello from us. We have been quite lately as we are making changes to the investment plans. Most of you will know what happened with FriendlyPay. We used them to hold the funds in Escrow for us only to have them shut down last year. Many of you lost a lot of money as did we. However we carried on with our guarantee that your funds are safe no matter what.

Now many investors have been wanting us to do something similar. I can tell you that we will never do another Escrow option as we lost way to much. That being said we are going to back all NEW investments with Silver.

What will happen when you invest into any of our new Real Estate plans (will make them available online soon) is half your invested amount will be sent to you in the way of Silver Bullion.

We have a plan that costs $3000. We will send you $1500 back in the form of Silver Bars or Rounds. This is .999 pure minted silver 1oz, 5oz, or 10oz bars.

If you invest into a plan that has a monthly payment option then every month you make your payment we will send you half of that back in the form of Silver. If you spend $200 per month then we send you $100 back in Silver Bars.

When it comes time for us to pay you the profit generated from the sale of the property (or as per the plan details) you will then have to send us back all the silver bullion you received from us. Or you will be given an option to keep the silver.

This means you will physically have the Silver on hand as a way of securing your investment. Silver will easily double or triple in the next year as it is a perfect form of investment in today’s market.

You invest in Real Estate, we send you Silver Bar(s) so you can feel safe about your investment, then when the time comes to earn from the Real Estate you either send the Silver back to us or keep it.

We feel this is a win win for both the investor and PPREI as we will not face any problems with money being taken due to criminals and you will receive something of great value to hold until your investment matures.

Please join us on the forum for any questions so all can benefit. Just go to and click on the “forum” link.

We will post some new plans on the site shortly.

Thank you kindly
Invest in your future.

By the way, you can find my original review of this real estate investment program over here:

PPREI First Review (Juy 04, 2007)

Private Program 2 – March Performance Update

Here is the latest performance update for this private investment program. This post is for those interested in joining to sort of get an idea of how the program performs. It is based on real stock trading so due to the market volatility among other things performance for this month hasn’t been as we normally expect but nonetheless I am happy it wasn’t a loss. Our trader remains optimistic that market conditions will improve and consequently so will our returns.

Without further ado here are the results *drum roll*:

Strategy 1 Gross 4.9% net after expenses 4.1%

Strategy 2 Gross 5.5% net after expenses 4.6%

If you wish to join please e-mail me at the following address. Please make sure you put “Private 2” in the subject line.



Private Investment Program 2 – February Results

Here are the performance results for my Private Investment Program 2 (aka Private 2):

Strategy 1: +2.6% Net

Strategy 2: +2.2% Net

A brief word from the main trader behind this opportunity:

Our trading in Strategy 1 with the buying and selling of stocks, and options has held up remarkable well considering the volatility.

All the remaining positions in Strategy 2 have various closing date’s we move these in line with market conditions, we will see better returns as this market picks up.

All in all I’m pretty happy with this month’s performance given the state of most of the world’s stock markets. Slowly but surely I feel confident that this program will recover from January’s loss. I would still recommend this private investment opportunity in spite of the poor January performance. Those of you who wish to join please get in touch with me. You can get my e-mail address by clicking on the “About” button at the top of this blog.


Infinity Shares refunded my investment

As some of you may have known, I was involved with forex investment club called Infinity Shares (pooled account). They recently closed due to lack of time on the part of their traders. As they promised they’ve refunded nearly all of their members, and I am glad to report that I’m among them. I just checked my e-gold account two days ago and my entire account balance (includes profit) is sitting there nice and cozy.

Any future ventures from the IS crew will be announced at this forum: 

I’d like to thank the IS staff for running a great program. I was good while it lasted. Also to one of the guys –  good luck with your education!