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Earth-Like Planet Discovered

Hi everyone. This is totally unrelated to the theme of this blog but I felt that I should nonetheless post this as it’s really so cool that I could not resist not sharing it with everyone. Apparently scientists have discovered an Earth-like planet 20 light years away. This planet has been named “Gliese 581g.” Gliese 581g orbits a red dwarf star at just the right distance from it in what scientists call the “Goldilocks zone.” As a result temperatures on the planet would be stable enough for water to pool – ie rivers, lakes, oceans, etc.

The only bad news is that our current technology precludes us from being able  to study the chemical composition of this Planet’s atmosphere to search for signs of life. Maybe some day in teh future we will be able to know for sure.

Very cool stuff.  I always knew this would happen, and I’m very glad it did because this changes our perspective on the universe. I have no doubt that this planet will be but one of many such Earth-like planets that we will discover. I just hope that within the next 50100 years we will develop tthe necessary technology to send a robotic probe to this planet. It would take a really long time for the probe to get there and for the radio signals transmitted by the probe to get to us, but I say it’s totally worth it.

To read the news release checkout this link:

Also I found a youtube video that goes into some details:

[youtube PmTjAmop688]

Alan out.

The Most Prosperous Nations on Earth


As I was logging out of my hotmail account an interesting article on the MSN Money website caught my attention. The title of the article is “The most prosperous nations on earth” – btw MSN, Earth should start with a capital E – and it basically lists 20 of the best countries to live in. The countries are ranked ranked by the Legatum Institute according to the following key criteria:

1) Economic fundamentals
2) Entrepreneurship and innovation
3) Democratic institutions
4) Education
5) Health
6) Safety & security
7) Governance
8) Personal freedom
9)Social capital

Being Canadian, I was obviously curious to see whether Canada makes it in the list, and although I’m glad it made it I was thinking it would’ve ranked higher – apparently Canada has some improvement to do. But enough about Canada, let’s get on with the list. Here are what the Legatum Institute deems the “most prosperous nations on Earth” (in reverse ranking):

20) Slovenia

19) Spain

18) Hong Kong

17) France

16) Japan

15) Austria

14) Germany

13) Belgium

12) United Kingdom (U.K)

11) Ireland

10) New Zealand

9) United States (USA)

“In a move that will surprise few, the U.S. ranked lowest for health (27th in the world) and safety and security (19th) – with 44 countries having lower homicide rates”

8) Netherlands

7) Canada

Yes, that’s right, Canada beats the United States…again. Lol, I have a feeling my American readers will flame me for that one :) But seriously, I think both the US and Canada can do better. Nor surprisingly health is a big failure for both countries. I’m guessing that the people living in the other higher ranking countries probably think of Canadian and Americans as overweight couch potatoes.

6) Australia

5) Norway

4) Denmark

“It might not be exciting, but Denmark is the best-run country on earth according to Legatum”

Dang, I bet those Danes are sitting pretty smug right now :)

3) Sweden

2) Switzerland

This is one country I’d definitely consider moving to. And at #1…..some of you may be surprised by this

1) Finland

That does it for this article. If you want to read the commentary on each country ranked see the source article on MSN Money:



Canada’s Heart of Gold


Great job team Canada! I would like to extend my warmest congratulations and respect to all the great Canadian athletes who made us all proud.

I’m a big hockey fan, so for me the highlight was the men’s hockey finals. What a game! My heart was pounding like a sledgehammer from start to finish.  In my opinion that game was a truly of Olympic quality. Both teams played with great skill but in the end Sidney Crosby – who no doubt will become a national hero – came through for Team Canada and showed us he’s got the magic touch by scoring an awesome goal 7 minutes and 40 seconds into overtime.

Canada also managed to break the world record for most gold medals won at a Winter Olympics with a total of 14. The Soviet Union, in 1976, and Norway, in 2002, each won 13. Amazing achievement!

Until next time, keep the Olympic flame burning brightly in your hearts!