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PayPal Moves To Luxembourg and Becomes A Licensed Bank?

I think you folks might find this blog posting I’ve found on DigitalMoneyWorld

to be quite interesting.

It sounds strange but the Telegraph is reporting that PayPal has been granted a banking license in Luxembourg and is moving their headquarters to the tiny country. Back in 2004, PayPal became a licensed Electronic Money Issuer and had operated under the FSA. In March of this year, Google was also granted this same FSA license in the UK. The move to Luxembourg means PayPal will no longer be authorized by the Financial Services Authority.

eBay who owns PayPal has been fighting back new competition for those retail online dollars. In recent months Google Checkout, nicknamed ‘The PayPal Killer’ has gained in popularity with retail merchants around the globe.

However in places like the UK, PayPal is still on top of Internet commerce. In Britain, more than half of the population is now online and half of that group uses PayPal. Throughout Europe and the UK, PayPal has captured over 50 million users so I suppose the move into banking was just a matter of time.”

CNN Article about Legisi (very popular HYIP )

Those of you who are “in the loop” on the latest happenings in the online investing community and the HYIP community would surely know or have heard about Legisi. It is a fairly popular program that touts itself as being an “legitimate return on loan” program. Lately they’ve instituted some rather major changes. One very important change is that the program will become private as of June 1’st. Another change (arguably still important) is that the minimum investment is now $1000 (it used to be $250). Some say that this is the last gasp of a dying ponzi program, some say that this is good because it will be conducive to the life span of the program. I am a bit skeptical about this. I was very tempted to join the program and have been researching it on and off for about 6 months. Lately, I’ve decided to stay out of it completely.

My advice is this: be very very careful where you put your money and never invest more than you can afford to lose! always! got it? good!

Click on the link below to read the article:

Link to CNN article about Legisi

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