Category Archives: PTR/PTC Sites continues to grow continues to grow its member base at an amazing rate. So far there are 235 members, which is not that bad considering that the site has been open for only a few days.

To attract some advertisers I’ve lowered the price for our 1000 visitors package down to $20. This offer is valid for a week (from Sept 09 to Sept 15) so if you’ve got a spare $20 note feel free to give our services a try :)

Also, now has a members forum and a free links exchange. The forum is for members only and we require that you register with your GoldenBux username (we check, so don’t try to be The free link exchange comes with only one condition, that you post a link back to our site.

The main site is available at:
The forum is available at:
The link exchange site is:

GoldenBux: Get paid to view ads

Hi everyone. I’ve decided to open up my own Paid to click” site (PTC). I call it GoldenBux, and I believe it to be your golden earning opportunity. Lol, ok enough with the clever marketing slogans. Basically you will get paid $0.01 (1 cent) for each 20 second ad you view and $0.0015 for each ad your referral views. Pretty simple eh?

The minimum payout is $10, and it is handled via PayPal. However, if you’re looking to purchase advertising packages we accept PayPal, e-gold, c-gold, and moneybookers. Currently our ad packages start at $28 for 1000 visitors, but stay tuned as we will soon ad 100, 200, and 500 visitors packages for advertisers on a small budget. All visitors to your site are guaranteed to be unique on a 24 hour basis.

If you’re into paid to click sites I’d strongly recommend you join now while the site is young and get as many referrals as possible. So far the site has 80 members (in just 2 days after launching) and I estimate that number will double in the next 7 days or so.

You may use the banner above this post to promote GoldenBux.

or the following link:

Thank you all for your support! Cheers.

Zotspot: Get paid to search the web

Greetings once again. I am back with another way for you to make money. I guess I just don’t know when to quit. How would you like to get paid for searching the internet? Sounds good? I thought so. Zotspot will give you just that.

What is zotspot?

zotspot search is an Internet search website that shares its revenue with you, the user. You can keep your earnings or donate them to one or more causes (e.g., charities or universities). zotspot enables you to increase your monthly earnings by referring your friends (read below for more details). zotspot is incorporated in the state of New York and has relationships with numerous reputable organizations such as Bank of America and News Corp.

How do I earn money?

You earn money by:

  • Using zotspot as your primary Internet search engine, and
  • Referring people (or organizations) to the zotspot service.

How do I get paid?

Payments will be made via PayPal. If you reside in a country which does not support PayPal accounts, there is no way to retrieve your earnings at this time. However, you can still donate your earnings to the many charitable causes on our site.

I hope that you will make lots of money with this one. Thanks for reading my blog.

Take the Internet Back (TIB) adds new FREE downloads to members section

Hi everyone. Just thought I’d let existing “Take the Internet Back” (TIB) members and potential members know that the program administrators have added a whole bunch of great new downloads to the members area. That’s right, they are all free for you to use but NOT to sell. They include a complete array of marketing programs and ebooks that can help you earn money on the internet. Please feel free to login to your account and check them out. They also make a good selling point when approaching your family, friends and associates to join TIB.

Here is just a sample of some of the free material you can get access to:

Marketing For Real People (2007-07-30) Discover How YOU – Or Anyone – Can Build Your Online Business At Warp Speed, Increase Your Sales Exponentially And Quickly Become Recognized In The Internet Marketing Arena Just By Practicing The Five Keys Of Internet Marketing Success! Warning! This Is NOT About How To Make Money From Adsense, Generating Traffic, Selling Info Products, And Neither Is This Course About Joining The Latest Marketing Fad. To Learn What It Can Do For You, Read On!!

Craigslist Exposed – How To Profit From Craigslist (2007-07-30) Incl. Adsense Site, Articles & PSD Graphics Craigslist is the Home of Free Advertising and Promotion for Your Business…IF You Know How to Use it! You’ll learn: Can you really earn a full time income just by using Craigslist? The keys to earning a profit on Craigslist. What different ways can you use Craigslist to your advantage to make money? How do you post an ad on Craigslist…and some tips to make your ad a little more effective than the next guy’s. Stop blowing money on advertising…let Craigslist be your starting point, THEN expand!

Unstoppable Traffic 101 (2007-07-30) 29 Meaty, ‘Information That You Only Need’ Pages of How To Generate Unstoppable Traffic to Your Website The 3 kinds of traffic you’ll need to generate unstoppable traffic to your website. The absolutely most important thing you must do before generating traffic to your site. SEO techniques – On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization. 3 reasons why Blogs work so well in generating traffic. 4 more ways to attract a stampede of traffic to your site. BONUS Section: Top 5 Ways To Generate Low Cost Website Traffic …

There is more; 7 pages more!

If you’re not a member yet I encourage you to join as I believe TIB could turn out to be a big winner and a great source of long term residual income for you all.

Take care,

Alan out.

InboxDollars: Get paid to take surveys, shop online and play games!

Good day everyone. I found a new way for you folks to make some easy money. This program called InboxDollars will pay you to take surveys, shop online, and play games.

Here are the benefits you get when joining this site:

$5 to JOIN their site – FREE!
1 to 10 cents for EVERY paid email!
Up to $4 for EVERY Survey Site you join!
Up to $50 for EVERY Offer you complete!
UNLIMITED cash to Play Games!
UNLIMITED cash for Shopping Online!

The minimum payout amount is $30 and you will receive payment via check.

That’s all folks. Enjoy your money!