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What I heard at lunch today


I wanted to share something that happened at lunch today.

I was listening to a group of guys at the local sandwich shop
talking about the turmoil in the markets (they used another word
for turmoil, but I’m a family guy and can’t type it)…

Are you one of them? Listen to what they had to say when they
talked about how they’re doing:

“I’ve lost like 20% in the last month alone.”

“I don’t even look at my portfolio anymore.”

“I haven’t bothered trying to put my money in anything since the
beginning of the year.”

“I’m waiting until all of this passes.”

Have you heard someone saying those same things?

You know what I hear, though? I hear someone who is CONTROLLED
by the market (and that’s a BAD thing).

At the first sign of negative news or trouble, they get stuck in
the wet cement of fear…

and as the negative news grows, they do…


They let that cement harden around their feet and as the market
goes down, they get tossed in the financial river and sink to
the bottom.

Along with their portfolios.

But there’s another group out there talking about how the market
has not presented better potential for PROFIT in the last 5 or 6

This group is nimble. They are constantly looking for trades
they can pull profit from — and they never, ever stand still.

This group CONTROLS the market.

So, as some of the worst news begins to subside, ask yourself
whether you want the market to control you and your financial
future, or whether YOU want to control the market and your OWN
financial destiny.

If you’re in the latter group, there are only 4 days left to
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Good Trading,
Bill Poulos

Profits Run Inc.

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Those who’ve made their fortunes know this



(We don’t want the media to hear what I’m about to tell you…
they don’t like positive news…)

RIGHT NOW, traders are “self-sorting” themselves into 2
groups… you’re doing it, too, and you probably don’t even know

* “The Victims”: These are the traders who find themselves
paralyzed with fear about the markets, unable to act, unable to
think logically… basically unable to do anything but wait for
the media to tell them what to do next…

* “The Independents”: These are the traders who can clearly see
through all the media-B.S. and hype and who INSTANTLY recognize
the current and coming market volatility for what it is: a
virtual “Cash Machine”, just waiting to be opened…

Which group are you in?

Individuals who have already made their fortunes recognize that
you need to be an Independent to do so. It’s the QUICKEST way.

In fact, check out what this well-known author & investor had to
say about the exact phenomenon that we’re seeing RIGHT NOW.

“If you’re serious about getting rich, now is the time. We’ve
entered a period of mass-produced pessimism, when bad news is
everywhere, and the best time to invest is when optimists become

–Robert Kiyosaki, 2008

But that’s not all… he goes on to say this, which is VERY

“As a bull market turns into a bear market, the new pros turn
into optimists, hoping and praying the bear market will become a
bull and save them. But as the market remains bearish, the
optimists become pessimists, quit the profession, and return to
their day jobs. This is when the real professional investors
re-enter the market. That’s what’s happening now.”

Kiyosaki GETS IT. He’s an Independent.

Are you?


The bottom line is… whether you’re a Victim or an Independent,
traders ARE going to make a killing in the markets in the coming
days, weeks, and months…

-the question is: will YOU be one of them?

I’ve always believed the fastest way to success in any endeavour
is to find someone who’s already been there before me, and test
out exactly what they tell me to see if it works for me…

* And that’s exactly what HUNDREDS of traders have done this
week by enrolling in my Market Mastery Protege Program.

One of the ‘hidden’ secrets of this course is the INSANE amount
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I call it ‘hidden’ because most traders totally miss out on
this… you essentially get an open email dialogue with ME. You
get to ‘bend my ear’ on my 30+ years in the markets…

* PLUS, just announced today, I’ve added on two 90-minute
web-seminar Q&A sessions, where you’ll get to see my charting
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The “Independents” are nodding their heads right now because
they know how important that level of support, or “mentoring”,
really is…


For all the details on how to join the “Independent” traders and
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Good Trading,
Bill Poulos

Here is where the next stock market profit pockets are


Have you heard?


The nemesis of the successful trader, THE MEDIA, pretty much
shouted that all day yesterday with the big market drop.

It’s no surprise – it makes good news.

Of course, what no one talked about was the huge profit
potential volatile moves like this can present…

-IF you know what you’re doing.

Yesterday’s market commotion was timed PERFECTLY with the
pre-release of my Market Mastery Protege Program home study
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-Already HUNDREDS of copies have been snapped up.

…and those traders who already placed their order have
basically raised their hand to say:

“I have chosen to NOT participate in the ‘recession’. I am my
own person. I have my own mind. I make my own decisions. I
create my own wealth.”


This is a critical moment for YOU as a trader.

If you choose to follow the herd and wait until the market or
the economy ‘gets better’ before learning how to spot untold
profit potential when the market moves…

-then you’re essentially MISSING OUT on countless ‘profit
pockets’ that will likely present themselves in the coming days
and weeks.

(Regardless of which way the market moves.)

However, if you choose to ignore the nonsense the media is
peddling, and recognize that fortunes are made with UNCOMMON

-then you’re in the PERFECT POSITION to mine those ‘profit
pockets’ for all they’re worth…

The choice is yours. No kidding.


I’m officialy opening the doors to my Market Mastery Protege
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So if you want to:

– Maximize your “profit potential” by using 4 different methods
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– Vanquish the pressure, strain, and stress normally associated
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– Drastically reduce your “time in the trenches” by spending
less than 20 minutes a night trading only the highest
probability stocks…

– Practically “rub out” account-crippling losses with simple yet
profound risk management strategies only a few select traders
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I’m only releasing 950 copies of my course over the next 7 days.
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** Whichever path you choose, you need to choose NOW.

…and however you make your choice, make sure it’s YOU making
the choice, and not the media making the choice for you. You’ll
regret it later.


My students and I are EXCITED by all this recent market
volatility and we’re looking forward to the potential it can
present in the coming days and weeks.

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Good Trading,
Bill Poulos

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Your Recession-Proof Stock Trading Kit Is Here


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Free Video – How to Make Trades Come to You


Dear trader,

Imagine if you could receive a “cheat sheet” every night
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STO StatoilHydro ASA
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SM Saint Mary Land & Explor
TS Tenaris Sa
TLM Talisman Energy Inc
SYT Syngenta Ag
COG Cabot Oil & Gas Corp
AUY Yamana Gold Inc

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High Probability Stock Trades Are Now Setting Up

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