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Dean Saunder’s 10 Minute Forex Wealth Builder


This is probably the fastest trading you will ever do. You just glance at the daily chart and that’s how long it takes to decide if you have a trade or not.

You can watch a video on how it works here:

You don’t have to worry about making the wrong decision because there are no indicators. That’s right! You just check the daily chart and you will know within minutes if you have a trade.

Here’s just a few things that makes the “10 Minute Forex Wealth Builder” so special:

– Requires only 10 minutes each evening to trade.
– Uses unique price driven entry techniques.
– Removes all emotion from trading.
– Requires no previous experience.
– Trades that often rake in up to 400 pips each!

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Blazing Forex Trading System

Blazing Forex Trading System

The Blazing Forex System is a never-before-seen masterpiece of underground trading techniques that’s going to light your bank account on fire.

Here’s just a hint of what’s inside this powerful cash-cranking package:

The Universal Master Formula

It’s truly universal because, unlike most “systems,” it really works with all timeframes, currency pairs, futures, stocks and indices (you’ve gotta see it to believe it!)

Lab-Tested And Time-Proven Techniques

Going with your “gut feeling” only works on TV. In the real world it leaves you broke. These techniques include no guesswork, have been tested for years…

And the formula is already laid out right in front of you: when “A” happens, do “B”.

It’s that simple.

Simple And Successful DO Go Together

Most systems are based on complex algorithms of blah-blah-blah. Charlie wasn’t a mathematician or a genius… He was just rich and successful.

This system is simple enough that a complete beginner can do it… and effective enough most experts can’t beat it.

How To “Preview” Tomorrows Market Today

You’re going to know tonight whether or not you’ll have a trade waiting for you tomorrow. Your jaw is going to drop when you see how simple it is to know in advance (most people have no clue because they ignore this one telltale indicator).

You Won’t Be Chained To The Computer

You’re not going to be chained to your computer with your eyes glued to the monitor for 10 hours a day. After all, the point of making all this money is to enjoy it!

Even if you can only spend ten minutes a week trading you can make a very respectable second income.

Profit From Price Swings While Others Panic

Price swings tend scare most traders… because they don’t know how to profit from them. You’re going to learn how to turn massive price swings into profit centers almost every time they happen.

Price Analysis So Precise… It Seems Immoral

If you want larger profit runs then you need to be precisely analyze prices. You’re about to learn how to do exactly that. Of course, if you don’t want larger profit runs then you can skip this section… and stay with the small ones.

Laser-Targeted Turning Points To Profits

With your new focus you’ll be pinpointing your exact turning point in the market… while all the loser traders are raising their hands and asking for directions (try not to spend too much time laughing at them).

Easily Monetize MANY Currency Pairs

You’ll be trading like a pro, pulling in profits over and over and over… in no time. Consistently pulling pips and profits from your Forex trades is the greatest feeling in the world… you won’t know how you survived without!

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More Wealth from Short Term Forex Trading

More Wealth from Short Term Forex Trading

Exploit The Best Moves In The Forex Market With 3 Forex Trading Strategies

“How To Consistently Trade With These Forex Strategies For Big Profits”

Trade intra day forex for quick cash using forex day trading strategies for 30 minute and 1 hour charts.Do you have what it takes to be a day trader in the hottest financial market in the world, forex? See opportunities before most traders see them.Our strategy also works on the gold and silver markets.

Swing trade for monthly spendable cash if you live a busy lifestyle.Our 4 hour forex trading strategy for swing trading allows you to walk away from your computer after you have placed a trade and do what you have to do.This strategy was designed for traders who can’t spend much time watching forex charts.

Become a confident trader.

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We are full time forex traders and we identify high probability trading setups.Have your forex trading systems failed you lately? Join the group that make money consistently. If you’re a beginner and don’ know where to start, try these strategies first.

Maybe you’ve bought forex trading systems or methods before and your trading results still weren’ up to scratch. You’re lost in the woods.

You, the forex trader know that the currency markets don’ trend all the time. They consolidate sideways or reverse before taking off again. This makes catching trends difficult. If you’re in this group of frustrated disappointed traders, you’ve literally flushed thousands of dollars down the toilet. We have the solution you need. Why suffer with unproductive results? Our entry setups are easy to pick. We’re using well known indicators which are available in most free or fee based forex charts. “Try, try, try, and keep on trying is the rule that must be followed to become an expert in anything.” W. Clement Stone

If you want a mechanical system with no work, no decision making, no thought, this is not he place to find it. But if you mostly want a good solid consistent profit from clear entries and calculated exits, then you’ll like our forex strategy and tactics.

You can count on these strategies to select the right entries and exits. We teach you every last time – tested strategy, technique and tip we think is necessary you will know which way a currency pair is likely to move. One of the most frustrating modes to be in is searching for years for a trading method that grows your trading account balance. You’ll lack confidence.

If you would like to make serious money in forex swing trading or forex day trading, this may be the most important message you will ever read.If you’re going to change things,then the time to get moving is now.We’ve discovered a proven way to siphon pips out of the forex market.

A forex trading method with a high winning percentage is rewarding psychologically, keeps your morale high and is enjoyable to trade. A string of profits will build your confidence. See our trade of the week page which is updated at the end of each trading week .If you are looking for a system with no losing trades, forget trading and find another business or hobby. Losses have to kept small and wins should be larger than losses.We have forward tested each strategy in real time.We started offering our CI System in 2003 but in 2007 we replaced it with improved strategies.

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Your forex profits will increase

  • because you will have an edge.
  • because the strategies reduce fear and indecision.
  • because you will be able to spot entry setups and end of moves before the crowd does. Avoid chasing the market so you don’ enter a trade too late and get “burnt”.
  • because you will be able to ‘read’ the market better.
  • because the strategies can be implemented without buying any costly software or subscribing to expensive data services.
  • because you will exit successful trades before your profit evaporates.
  • because you will know when to let your profits run.
  • because you will learn how to use higher time frames to gauge how price will react on lower time frame charts.

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Forex Supreme

Forex Supreme

FINALLY: One-Of-A-Kind, Intensely Accurate Forex Trading System — Instantly Generating Up To Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars A Month…”

  • It’s impressively easy-to-learn (Who has time for trying to understand a whole bunch of charts and formulas?)
  • Instantaneously improves your trading skills…
  • Crystal-clear exit and entry rules… (It’s as simple as if A=B do C.)
  • Delivers instant results…
  • Painstakingly simple to understand (You no longer need a triple degree to make a killing with Forex trading.)

And besides the fact that anyone with half a brain can use it… it also teaches you some advanced rules that most people don’t know about. If you ignore these rules…

You’re Making A Very Grave Mistake…

  • Because you’ll be losing money.
  • A lot of it.
  • These rules alone are enough reason to use the system.

And get this… the system I’m about to reveal…

  • Works for day, swing, and position trading (It works perfectly in daily and intraday timeframes.)
  • Excels in all timeframes and currency pairs…
  • Makes and keeps your money while the market is volatile, rising, or falling…

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