Phantomplate affiliate program

Hi there. Alan again (I hope you haven’t forgotten my name or haven’t even bothered to read the website title) with a new opportunity for you folks. This one is a referral program that could earn you lots of money if you’re successful in promoting the company’s product. What you are promoting are the products of Phantomplate. They are the makers of a very popular product (among others) in the form of a spray that prevents traffic cameras from take a picture of your license plate number! Pretty neat. They also have other great products that you can promote to earn a commission.

You will receive a 20% commission on all sales!

All that is needed of you is to promote your referral link, which takes the potential customer to Phantomplate’s website. Once the customer purchases something, you get 20% of what he paid. Please note that you have to earn a minimum of $50 in commissions to receive payment from Phantomplate. They will pay you via paypal or if you choose, via cheque (pardon my spelling, I am Canadian, eh, and here in Canada we spell it cheque, not

Oh, and I should also mention that they will pay for the clickthroughs. Yes, you’ll receive a $0.05 commission for bringing traffic to their site. They do have a rule about this though which specifies that they only pay for traffic that generates a sale by a 300:1 ratio, so therefore, if you’ve made a sale you will get paid for 300 clicks per sale. This is all stipulated in the affiliate agreement, so READ IT CAREFULLY!! Anyways, I wish you all success in this program.

Click this link to become an affiliate now:

Click me please :)

As I mentioned in my previous post, here is the post about my latest project. It’s called “Monster Mall (or MonsterMall)“, and basically it is just a convenient place to search for great information products. All products listed on my site are backed by a solid 100% money-back guarantee! There is A LOT of items (over 18,000) in my database, so search for whatever interests you. I know most of you will search for money making opportunities, so I assure you I have plenty of those. I also have a forum you can join for free and even ADVERTISE FOR FREE. Yep, I will let you advertise for free. Also, I will exchange links with anyone. Just e-mail me via the contact link on the site and we can easily arrange to swap links. For those of you who want to place banners on my site, that can be also arranged for a small fee. Well, just visit my site and let me know what you think.

–update July 07, 2007–
I scrapped the free advertising idea due to lack of interest, so now the site is strictly a monster mall with top software, information products, and online services.

Check out my site at:

CBClicks – viral advertising system

Got a website? Then, imagine your Clickbank affiliate ID on thousands of pages all over the internet, making you big money 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and all 100% free! This system has the potential to rack in the big bucks if used properly.

I joined a while back, but I just don’t have the time to put the CBClicks system fully to the test. Suffice it to say it works best if you have a website with specific content and then you place content specific CBClicks text banners on that site, so since I don’t quite have a lot of websites I don’t think CBClicks will work as well for me. However, let that not discourage some of you. I am posting this opportunity because there could be huge potential returns for those of you who are willing to put in the effort to make the system work.

Click this link to listen to an audio presentation by the site’s founder:

In my next post I’m going to let you all in on a new information products portal site I’ve been working on.

Take The Internet Back (TIB)

Greetings. I am back with another great online opportunity. This one is not a HYIP, but is instead a Paid-to-Read (PTR) program with a twist. What’s the twist, you ask. Well, image if every advertising e-mail you read earns you a point which counts as a share in the company’s profits? Sounds good? I thought so to. The opportunity is called “Take The Internet Back”, and it has been developed by the folks at WLPP IT Center. Right now they are in their beginning stages so it isn’t too late to get in on the action. The really great thing is that you get 3 “shares” for every confirmed referral you bring in! So for those of you who are really good ad advertising/promoting/marketing , here is your chance to profit from your talents.

You will be given $10 for FREE just for joining! You can request a payout (via paypal) once you reach $20, so you’re half-way there just by signing up. From there on, every e-mail you read will earn you share in the company and whatever profits are made by the company from advertising (after all advertisers pay to send you e-mails) will be given to members like you in the forms of dividends.

I should also mention that you too as a member can send out advertisements to all the other members (they have very good advertising rates). You can e-mail over 61,000 members!

Don’t forget to promote your referral link once you become a member!

Here is the link you need to get started:

New investment program: Life-Holdings

Greetings once again fellow internet entrepreneurs! I am back with the third “High-Yield Investment Program” opportunity. This program is ran by a gentleman by the name of Dan. He’s a good friend of mine, and I have complete faith in his ability to provide a good return on my investment. The program he runs is called Life-Holdings (as you can tell by the title). Here is how Dan describes his program:

Life Holdings is an effectively managed investment fund. Betfair’s Sports and Games Exchange Market is Life Holdings’ primary source of profit. I have been trading on Betfair’s Bet Exchange Market for two years now, on both the Sports Betting and the Games Betting markets they offer. I am using an excellent system, developed by myself, based on patterns, Elliot and Fibonacci cycles.”

Recently he’s added FOREX trading to the program’s sources of income. From now on 30% of the program’s funds go into the FOREX market. From my talks with him he seems to be very knowledgeable about this market and no doubt he’s a very good trader. I think this move into the FOREX market is a good one mainly because the program will become more diversified and therefore more stable.

Now for the part you’re surely wanting to know most – the return on your investment. Well, the return varies, but on average he’s been able to make 3.35% WEEKLY. Yes, that’s correct, the program pays-out on a weekly basis. Therefore, you’ll be receiving your profit every Saturday directly into your e-gold or e-bullion account. I guess I should mention that Dan’s program accepts both e-gold and e-bullion (

The minimum investment is set at $200 USD. I know that for some of you this might be a bit high, so naturally this program is not for everyone. If you don’t have a lot of money to invest, then I’d suggest you put your money in Infinity-Shares (see the first blog post for more details).

I should also mention that Dan provides screenshots of his Betfair sessions – they are pretty impressive.

Now, without further ado, here is the link to join:



no new members are accepted at this point, but keep on checking the main LH site for updates.

You can still access the main LH website at

Infinity-Shares – Forex based HYIP

**UPDATE Jan 16, 2008**


See this post for details

–UPDATE May 25, 2007—

Infinity-Shares is now a private forex club! That means that new investors will have to be invited by an existing member! Sorry folks, as with all good things people want to keep it to themselves. If you still want to get in I can refer a LIMITED number of people, but please note that you have to join with a least 20 shares (which is roughly about $100) to be eligible for membership. E-mail me at allinvain6 at if you want to be invited (note that I will only allow hmm maybe 20 people to join as the more people join the more the share pool gets diluted)

Also read this post which tells you what procedure to follow to become a member!


Hi there! You are quite fortunate to have found this blog, because today I am going to tell you about a real online investment program that is for real. Yes, that’s right, no HYIP scam! This program is based on FOREX trading, and has been online for a bit (May 6,2006). I have been an investor in this program for about 3 months, and I am quite happy with the returns. I must state that the returns are REALISTIC (not 200% per day or some other nonsense).

Extensive due diligence has been done on this program; in fact, check out this link for an extensive review of this program:

You will notice that we have photos of the program administrators (and traders), along with statements of their forex trading account The person who performed the review of this program even had live access to their trading account, so we know that the traders are for real, and are not some scammers looking to run with our money. They are just two enthusiastic forex traders that need some starting capital, and in return for our investment capital they are willing to give us a realistic (I would say very good) return on our investment.

Here is an excerpt from their site:

“We are an online based Investment program and use our funds to trade on the forex market. launched on May 6, 2006.

“We are currently OPEN to new members and deposits. You can already become an investor when you buy only 2 shares. ”

Currently the share price is 3.48 Euro. The program is based in Euros because their Forex broker is located in Europe so it makes things easier for them instead of converting between currencies.

Program performance:

“Since May we have made 47.26% profit (average of 8.89%/month when September is excluded). Our goal is not to give insane return, but to create a stable income for our members for a long time. We aim for a weekly return of 2% or higher.”

To invest you must have an e-gold account. I hope you already have some e-gold to invest – if not go here to open an account:

To fund your e-gold account you’ll need to purchase some e-gold from an e-gold market maker. One that I recommend is Goldex. You can find them at this link:

To join this program visit this page here which shows you the steps necessary to become a member.