KNCMiner Neptune 3TH/s bitcoin miner on sale NOW for $9,995 !!!

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Hello everyone. Just a quick heads up post to let you know that if you wish to get into the bitcoin mining business, KNCMiner (my recommended bitcoin miner manufacturer) is having a sale on their second batch Neptune series miner. At 3 TH/s (terahashes per second) it will be the most power bitcoin miner out there. To order or find out more go to the KNCMiner homepage.

Happy mining!

Looks like KNC stopped selling hardware so the above info is invalid. You’ll have to look elsewhere for mining hardware right now and the only choice is Bitmain and Avalon as far as I’m aware.

Bitcoin cloud mining – buy bitcoin hashing power the easy way

Hi everyone. In my previous bitcoin related post I told you my recommended place to buy actual physical bitcoin mining hardware, however for many of you that’s not the kind of solution you’re looking for. I believe many people just want to buy an asset or lease/rent hashing power. You can either buy stock in bitcoin mining farming operations or you can do what I’ve been doing lately – buy direct bitcoin hashing power at the CEX.IO bitcoin commodity exchange.

Essentially you’re buying bitcoin cloud mining power as this post’s title suggests. The hashrate you purchase comes directly from’s hashing pool. You can later on sell your hashing power to other users, and practically cash out your hashing power. There is no limit on what price you can sell it at; you decide since it is an exchange after all!

You can buy hashing power with either BTC (bitcoin) or a few other alternative cryptocoins, like namecoin, etc. The easiest and most practical route would be to first buy bitcoins at some exchange and then transfer them to your account and then buy hashing power directly with bitcoins.

You will pay a minor fee to cover maintenance, repair, and electricity costs. It’s not something crazy though and last time I checked the calculator tool they use said my fees are like 2.89% of mining profits. This fee structure changes based on several factors, but you can easily find out using their calculator tool.

Another neat thing is that you do have the option to convert your cloud hashing power to actual physical hardware! This is super cool if you’re the geeky type that has amounted enough hashing power to amount to an actual whole miner from their mining hardware pool. I personally would like to have them worry about maintenance, but to each his own. It’s nice to know that the option is at least there.

So yeah, like I said, this is all pretty easy in my opinion, but don’t take my word for it. Checkout the CEX.IO website, go through their FAQ and find out for yourself. Give it a try with a small amount of hashing power and see how it goes. If you’re like me you’ll soon find yourself addicted and you’ll be scrambling to increase your hashing power.

Happy mining!

My recommended bitcoin mining hardware company KnCMiner started shipping!

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Hello everyone. In this previous post I talked about my recommended bitcoin mining hardware manufacturer – KnCMiner. Well, I have some good news to report. They started shipping! So congratulations to those of you who purchased mining units from them. They still have some units available for sale at a newly reduced price of $4995. This is for November shipping though. At the reduced price (and hoping that mining difficulty does not go insanely high) they should still be profitable.

Checkout the KnCMiner website where you can buy your very own units.

Attention Canadian stock traders – Get a free iPad mini from Questrade

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Hello fellow Canadian stock traders. I just found out yesterday via e-mail that my current stock broker – Questrade – is giving away free iPad mini. An iPad mini is yours when you open and fund an account with $100,000. Or, fund a new account with just $1,000 and you will be entered to win one of 10. Questrade still offers the lowest stock trading commissions in Canada so I’d definitely still recommend using them. These free this and that promos they offer once in a while are nice and all but the main reason to go with them are the lower trading costs.

Enjoy and happy trading!

Alan out.


Recommended Bitcoin Mining Hardware



One of the ways to get some bitcoins other than to purchase them with national currency is to “mine” them. Mining bitcoins means you participate in the transaction verification process and receive a reward (in bitcoins) from the network for doing so.  Although this is an overly simplified explanation it is basically what is happening when you mine bitcoins.

So how does one go about mining bitcoin?

Well, it used to be that a year or so ago you could use your graphics card, but these days the mining game has gotten a lot harder and there is now dedicated mining chips out there on the market. This means the competition for the available bitcoins that are released by the network on a daily basis is very high, and is only due to increase as more and more people buy dedicated bitcoin mining hardware.

Does this mean that I can no longer make any money by becoming a bitcoin miner myself?

No, not really. You can still make a profit but you have to be very careful into which bitcoin mining hardware you invest. At the moment I am typing this there are quite a few companies that will sell you dedicated bitcoin mining hardware that use specially designed chips (bitcoin ASICs) to mine bitcoins.  But beware where you invest, because not all companies are a good bet. Some of them promise good performance but are due to deliver actual working hardware only much later on this year or the next. By then the competition amongst miners will push the difficulty level of earning bitcoins through the roof. Time is critical when it comes to bitcoin mining.

I’ve taken a look at all the available dedicated bitcoin mining companies out there and one good bet in my opinion is a Swedish company called KNCMiner. Here is a little background information about this company:


KnCMiner has been setup to create truly ground breaking mining equipment specifically designed and tailored for the Bitcoin market.

The company is created as a joint venture between two strong companies, ORSoC AB and Kennemar & Cole AB. Together we combine different kinds of expertise into KnCMiner which we believe is absolutely critical for a company offering any products and services to the bitcoin industry.

ORSoC is a company with a long proven history of expertise within embedded electronic development, focusing on FPGA and ASIC design. With approximately 10 years in the industry, serving several global companies with complex design services as well as development of electronic products guarantees that KnCMiner will have the best possible team for hardware development.

Kennemar & Cole is a combination of Andreas Kennemar and Sam Cole. Together having more than 25 years of expertise and global experience of bringing services and products to market.

They currently offer 3 levels of bitcoin mining hardware.

1) Mercury – 100 GH/s (gigahashes per second), 250 watts power consumption, $1995 per unit

2) Saturn – 200 GH/s, 500 watts power consumption, $3795

3) Jupiter – 400 GH/s, 1000 watts power consumption, $6995

So, as  you can see there are several price and performance points to suit both the small and the large bitcoin miner. Personally I recommend their Jupiter model as you stand to make the most, but naturally it is the more expensive choice. Also power consumption is pretty reasonable given the level of performance this unit offers. It won’t make out a residential 15 amp North American circuit. If you live in a country that uses 220 to 230v then it won’t even come close to maxing out one circuit. You could run two per circuit in Europe and other 220v regions.

So why KNCMiner?

If you order today according to their website they will deliver your unit(s) in October of this year. This is the shortest delivery period of any of the current bitcoin mining hardware manufacturers. Of course you buy a much less efficient ASIC miner from someone but I doubt you’d get a good deal and even if you do the less efficient chips inside those means those units are going to be unprofitable that much quicker.

So let’s do some math here. Have a look at this calculation I did:

If you go there you will see that according to that calculator this miner should pay for itself within the very first month of mining. I used pretty conservative variables such as a power cost level of $0.15 per KW/h. Most of you I bet have lower power costs (such as me with $0.07) but the US national average seems to be $0.10. Beware that in some parts of Europe it’s a lot more expensive but power cost is not as important a factor in the profitability equation just yet. So, back to the numbers. With just one Jupiter unit in your first month (given that bitcoin price stays at $111 per 1 BTC) you will earn $8940. The next month it’s $5880, and the next $3870. This calculation assumes that the difficulty in mining bitcoins goes up by 50% each month. This is in my opinion a conservative but realistic expectation. It could very well increase by a smaller percentage and thus you’d earn more. The bitcoin price could also skyrocket again and once again you’d earn more!

The point here is that even though there is a risk involved – like any investment – the rewards for a properly executed investment can be pretty sweet.

Where do I host these miners?

Well, you can host them in your home or business location, or in a dedicated data center. If you have access to a nearby data center and the costs are not prohibitive I would recommend hosting them there. Bear in mind that some data centers will charge you far more for power than you pay at your residence. Take all the costs into consideration, but if the hosting fees are not go great compared to the expected monthly profit then go for it. If power costs are your main concern or you don’t want to deal with the hassle of managing these miners then I can recommend a hosting solution in Washington State which offers the lowest power costs in the world – $0.02 per KW/h!. The hosting fees are 8% of your profits though. If you are geeky enough to host them yourself I recommend you do that. I could also help you out a bit by offering consulting services where I will do my best to help you get the miners up and running. I can guide you via teamviewer and skype or telephone.

How do I pay for these miners?

You can pay with bitcoins (BTC), credit card, bank transfer (wire payment, or paypal. I bet most of you will probably pay with paypal, credit card or wire transfer (useful for large purchases).

Are these miners easy to setup?

Yes, they are pretty easy. If you’ve ever setup an internet router then you should have no problems setting this up. But, like I said there is help available to you.

Ok, I’m ready to invest!

Great. Then the next step for you would be to visit the KNCMiner website and go to the miners section and complete the checkout process.

Happy investing!



*If you happen to live in Sweden you can pickup your mining hardware locally. Pretty sweet and saves you on shipping charges. I suppose if you also live nearby you can drive/fly to Sweden*

An introduction to Bitcoin (Video)



Bitcoin is a fascinating new form of electronic money that uses strong cryptography as the underlying support structure. Bitcoin is a form of electronic currency known as “cryptocurrency”. It is in my opinion a very revolutionary idea, but although it has been rapidly growing in popularity and usage it is still not completely “mainstream.” Those of you who have never heard about bitcoin may want to checkout the video I’ve posted below:

Now that you’ve watched the video and you have a better understanding of bitcoin you may be wondering how can you start using it. Well, there are several ways you can join the action.

1) Buy bitcoin at one of the numerous bitcoin exchanges (ie Mt Gox, Bitstamp, btce, cavirtex, etc – there are quite a lot more!)
2) Offer your products and services in exchange for bitcoins (ie. join the forum and post in the marketplace section)
3) Join the network of users that help secure the network by becoming what is known as a “miner”.

By mining bitcoin you essentially get to create bitcoins using your mining hardware. Later on if you wish to you can spend these bitcoins for goods and services or exchange them for US dollar or any other form of national currency. These days the bitcoin mining industry has progressed to the point that there are dedicated bitcoin mining chips out there. These chips are far more efficient than what miners were using before – mainly cpus, and GPU (graphics cards).

If you decide to buy bitcoin mining hardware I would recommend you invest in “ASIC” miners – mining hardware that use special purpose chips. There are quite a few out there but a good bet would be to invest in second generation ASIC miners from a company known as KNCMiner.

KNCMiner are due to start shipping their hardware in October (if you order now) and each unit is expected to produce a whopping 400 Gigahashes* per second – that is a lot compared to existing mining hardware. Granted there are other companies that plan to release mining hardware KNCMiner are likely to be the first to come to market as part of the second wave of dedicated mining hardware.

If you are a large investor reading this and you’d like to invest in the bitcoin mining industry I can offer my consulting services (recommended hardware to purchase, how to host them, how to set them up, etc). Use this blog’s “about me” section to get in touch with me for details.

*Worry not if you don’t understand what Gigahashes are. I will make another post hopefully soon explaining all of this.