This is my current investment portfolio:

Private Program 2 (stock options trading based) (averaging 8-11% monthly)

Real Estate Development (Canadian property development)

Managed Forex Accounts:

Power Forex Managed Accounts – IPAM Platinum

(excellent performance – no drawdown in January unlike my other MAs)

Gold Holdings:

BullionVault – The best way I know to own gold, so this his where I keep most of my gold

Future Investments:

PPREI (Paradise Properties Real Estate Investments) (offshore real estate)

Private Program 3 (forex & stock trading) ($5000 minimum) (7.8% to 9.8% monthly) (you have to contact admin to get e-bullion account when you want to invest as everything is handled manually for security reasons)

Milbay Finance S.A.- I’ve been keep an eye on this Forex pooled account for quite a while and from my DD it seems legitimate to me. I even know someone who personally knows the trader who runs the program. A bit later on I intend to put some spare cash into this one as well for diversification purposes.

If you have any questions click on the “About” link to get my e-mail address.

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