6 thoughts on “Move Your Money Out of the Country…and Soon”

  1. Small add to real estate investing- forget about Albania for at least generation; it’s country without real legal system and economy, any valued propety can be easly expropiated by gangs and/or secret police. Poland (that I live in) is still heavy overvalued- especialy for foreigners, Slovakia I thinks the same- but I’m not sure

  2. Hmm, I’d agree Chris. I wouldn’t want to invest in Albania or any other high risk nation. As you say many of the Eastern Europe nations have overvalued real estate markets – one example being a nation I’m familiar with – Romania. But so far many of these nations have seen their real estate markets dip down tremendously in value so right now may be a good time to buy.

  3. Hello there: when thinking about moving money out of the US don’t forget about Canada. I have been setting up bank accounts for US citizens for years and without them having to come to Canada to do so. The bank account is your own and deposits are insured 100% for whatever amount.
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    Thanks…….Grant Smith Payline Financial

  4. Hi Grant. I’ll forgive the slight self promotional post, but yeah I’m not surprised what you do is possible. The reverse (opening an US bank account without going there) is also possible.

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