5 thoughts on “President’s Choice Financial No Fee Bank Account Now Available in Quebec”

  1. It still seems to show unavailable on the English site. And the French site does not link to the no fee chequeing account..

  2. There is now a Quebec PC Financial site, but the mastercard seems to be the only available product. I don’t see any option for the no-fee chequing account.

  3. Hmm…you may be right. When I visit the french page it says on the right “Resident of Quebec click here” but when I do it takes me to the main PC Financial page – the English page btw! Does this mean that resident of Quebec can now open banking accounts directly from there…I don’t know.

    Lisa, it may help if you give them a call, or try to open an account from Quebec and see what happens.

  4. Do not deal with this bank. They may not have fees, but you will encounter many other potential problems as a result, they are a virtual bank so you can only deal online or with a machine, they have lnger holding periods on your account because they are virtual. I put 600 in my account from a savings account after clearing a large cheq that i could access in 2-3 days. I was given 500 in advance so i had somemoney in hand, I put it into my Presidents Choice account thinking it would be better to use to pay bills and get my sons medicine. Little did I know that I was only allowed to use 100, the rest was being held for 5 bus days! There was nothign they woudl do for me, and to cancel my account they said I can write myself a cheq to get the exact funds out OR they can transfer it wirelessly, I said transfer it, they said well you ahve to wait 5 days, then it will take 7 days to close the account THEN you can have your money back.. None of this helped me. I had problems with them in the past years ago but thought I woudl try again since I hadnt been working after a car accident and didnt want to pay fees for an account. Now Im just trying to get it closed… Oh and in 6 mths time they will review whether or not they will take the holds off .. this is a new account, with no negative activity. Thanks alot for your help Presidents Choice… I will stick with Scotibank instead..

  5. Chantel, not that I’m trying to defend PC Financial, but I think most people that sign up for one of their accounts already know that there is a multiple day hold on any money deposited into their account. They also most likely know that in 6 months time they can get the hold removed – depending on account usage factors.

    When I opened an account they made me aware of all these factors. I think that the people who will go for this type of no-fee account will not mind these limitations. The selling point is the zero fees. Personally though I find them too limiting so I like you have decided not to use my PC Financial account as a daily banking account. Maybe when they remove the hold I may reconsider. But to be honest I haven’t put much energy into bugging them to remove it. I dunno, in the end it all comes down to consumer choice.

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