IAFT – New Conditions of Trading in Foreign Exchange

‘Life grants nothing to us, mortals, without hard work’, said Horace, an ancient Rome poet. For centuries this maxim has been relevant in any business, and with the growing popularity of Foreign Exchange – it became relevant in trading as well as.

It is not a secret that not so long ago for a Foreign Exchange participant to start earning he needed to read numerous volumes of specialized materials and search for information at various websites online.

Today everything has changed. Now you can save time and efforts spent on searching for information in different sources. Traders can work under the most profitable conditions thanks to Traders Union, the first Official Association of Forex Traders.

IAFT is an organization that works for the benefit of traders. The Association’s participants are guaranteed 60% of the partnership payouts for every transaction performed. And the payout does not depend on whether the trade was profitable or not. A dream has come true, hasn’t it?

Besides financial advantages, IAFT provides all its members with free legal support. In case of a dispute with a dealing center a trader can always resort to the help of the organization’s legal attorneys. The Association is ready to defend the trader’s rights at any level. This service has become available due to the cooperation with a world class consulting company – EMEXB LTD. The company’s mission is the protection of traders’ rights in the international Foreign Exchange market.

EMEXB LTD Company also directly partakes in bringing IAFT ideas to life. In the course of operation it became a founder of the insurance fund for the Association’s participants. It should be noted that the above mentioned service – deposit insurance – is unmatched by any organization.

You can find more details regarding the work of International Association of Forex Traders at the Company’s website