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July 2009 Issue of DGC Magazine is Out


Sorry I’m a bit late in reporting this, but I’d like to let you know that the latest (July 2009) issue of the DGC Magazine has hit the virtual news-stands and is waiting for you to read it. In case you don’t know, DGC Magazine is a magazine for digital gold enthusiasts and supporters of gold & silver sound money.

Get July’s copy over here:

You can also download a PDF version as well as all backissues here:

GoldMoney Moves into Platinum


Hello dear e-currency fans and precious metals investors. I’ve got good news. If you’re familiar with GoldMoney you probably already know that it is one of the most trusted precious metals backed e-currency out there. Previously they offered only gold and silver, but the good news is that they’ve now added platinum to the mix. Thus the “precious metals trinity” is complete.  Have a look at their press release or for further details visit their website (storage fees, etc.) Press release follows below:

You can now buy platinum from GoldMoney with the same ease
and convenience you currently experience when buying gold
and silver. GoldMoney has introduced platinum bullion
stored at the VIA MAT vault in Zurich for purchase on its

The press release can be viewed at:

And when you log into your Holding, you will see the option
for Zurich-stored Platinum on the Buy and Metal-to-Metal
Exchange pages, enabling you to buy platinum with your
currency balances or exchange all or a portion of your gold
or silver for platinum.

The purchase fee for platinum ranges from 2.19% to 4.67%
depending on the amount purchased, and storage is only
0.59% per annum, charged monthly. Complete details about
rates and storage can be found on our fees page:

We are very pleased to enable our customers to buy
platinum, and to further diversify their holdings into
another precious metal. We truly hope you enjoy this new

Kind regards,
GoldMoney Customer Support

Happy investing!


GoldMoney Introduces Gold Bars


Good news gold bugs and e-currency fans, GoldMoney now allows you take physical delivery of that shiny bullion you got in your account. Checkout this news release below as it will give you all the details you need to know:

We are very pleased to announce an exciting new initiative
that enables you to take physical delivery of your gold.
You can now convert your goldgrams into GoldMoney-branded
100 gram and kilogram bars of gold.

One of the main attractions of GoldMoney is our guarantee
that we always maintain a one-to-one ratio of physical
metal to goldgrams in our database, and we make the audited
results of this fact available to our customers. Many of our
customers have asked for a more practical way to take
delivery of their goldgrams in amounts smaller than 400
ounce gold bars. Therefore, through our partnership with
Baird & Co, one of the leading bullion merchants and
refiners in the UK, it is now possible to convert your
goldgrams into 100 gram and kilogram-sized
GoldMoney-branded gold bars.

More information about these new bars can be found on our
website at:

Each bar is produced in Baird & Co.’s factory in London and
contains 99.99% pure gold. To see the production process for
these unique bars, please watch the video at the link below.
We have filmed the fabrication of the first lot of GoldMoney
bars and made the video available on YouTube:

Once ordered, these bars can either be shipped to you by
insured mail or you can arrange to pick up your bars at
Baird & Co. Shipping is currently available to customers
resident in the following 16 countries:

United Kingdom

If you do not live in any of the above countries, you can
still arrange to pick up bars directly at Baird & Co.’s
premises in London, England.

We at GoldMoney believe in the importance of physical gold
ownership, so it is with great pleasure that we announce
this exceptional new development to you.

Kind regards,
GoldMoney Customer Support

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May 2009 Issue of Digital Gold Currency Magazine is Out


Attention e-currency users. The latest edition (May 2009) of the Digital Gold Currency Magazine is now out. You can read it by following this direct link (flash format):

You can also get a pdf copy of this edition as well as past issues by visiting the DGC Magazine homepage at

Happy reading.