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HostGator Coupon Codes

hostgator coupon codes

Hi everyone!

I’ve got a few web hosting coupon codes to share with you all today. The coupons  (as you probably can already tell) apply to the web hosting services of a company called HostGator. This very site used to be hosted with HostGator, and although my sites have outgrown a shared hosting account I can honestly say that when I was hosting my sites with HostGator I never had any problems whatsoever. They offered me stellar reliability, but what I liked best was their amazing customer support. Thanks guys! I should also mention that I like them so much that I kept my “Baby Plan” hosting account open with them for backup purposes. But enough about my experience with them, how about we get to the meat of this post – coupons!

Here are the coupon codes:

1: MONEYGURU25OFF –   25% off

2: MONEYGURU994 –  $9.94 off

3: MONEYGURU2494 – $24.94 off reseller packages

You can type any of these coupon codes (the ones in bold above) during the checkout process. These coupon codes do not expire! Feel free to share them with whomever you think needs quality web hosting at a reasonable cost.




IPOWER Pro Web Hosting Plan for just $3.95 per month

Hi there fellow onlike marketers. Are you in the market for good but cheap web hosting? If so I’ve got a special promotion I’d like to pass on to you. IPOWER, one of the largest web hosting companies is celebrating its 10 year anniversary, and they’re giving out a special discount for their top hosting package. You can get the Pro hosting package for $3.95 – that’s a 55% discount. The PRO plan includes:

* Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth
* Free Domain Name
* 2,500 POP3 Email Accounts
* And much more!

To get in on this deal please see the IPOWER homepage.

Hope you find this useful.


“Secret” website traffic generation method


I’d like to introduce you to a guy named Bill McIntosh. You may not have heard of him before, but that’s because he’s been quietly producing millions in sales across several niche markets online.

Not only that, he’s managed to generate multiple subscriber lists of over 1,000,000 people each. All while he “slides in under the radar”. Yes, that’s right… MILLIONS of subscribers!

Why am I telling you this?

Because he’s decided to take his secret software weapon & share it with us! It’s a weapon he’s quietly been using to help some of the biggest names online drive traffic & sales.

After much arm twisting & convincing he’s decided to release it and let us have a crack at using it ourselves! Check out this video where he tells you all about it…

Now, you may be thinking this is some high-end tool that only a super guru can figure out. Well, that’s totally not the case! Check out the video & you’ll even see Bill’s 11 year old son install, setup & run this software tool to drive traffic to his own website!

Go here & learn all about it:

To your success!


100% SPAM-FREE Automated Email Advertising

iPostAd – Totally WEB-BASED Safelist Submitter!

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Happy Marketing!

Awesome Dedicated Web Server Deal

Hi everyone. If you’re in the market for a powerful dedicated server that can handle any website load you throw at it I’ve got a special deal that I just came across while googling “dedicated servers.” The deal comes from a company called DedicatedNow and to put it simply it is impossible to resists. I for one plan to get their $189 server package ASAP.

To see why I am so excited about this, checkout what you get as part of this special holiday “blowout” !! :

* 1 Month Free!
* Free Upgrade to 6GB RAM!
* Free Control Panel (Plesk 30 or cPanel)!
* Free dotDefender Web Application Firewall!
* Free Upgrade to 6,000GB Premium Bandwidth!
* Free 100mbps Switch Port!

With 6 GB of RAM and 6 Terabytes of bandwidth you can host some absolutely MONSTER websites!

Here is what I suggest. Go to this link:

Get the $189 server deal (or higher if you need even more power) before it disappears!

I wish you success with your online business(es).