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Phillipine SEC Warning – FrancSwiss, SwissCash, Universal Forex System, Global America and Private Forex Trade, Inc.

The Republic of Phillipines SEC has issued the following warning:



The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has received reports that the following entities are allegedly engaged in internet-based ponzi investment schemes: FRANCSWISS. SWISS CASH, UNIVERSAL FOREX SYSTEM, GLOBAL AMERICA, and PRIVATE FOREX TRADE, INC. These entities are NOT REGISTERED with the Commission, and have no permit DJ authority to solicit investments from the public Private Forex Trade, Inc. has in fact been found to be misleading the public by showing a fake SEC Certificate of Registration on its website.

The following are some of the features of an internet-based ponzi investment scheme:
• No SEC registration
• Investment in foreign currency, preferably in US Dollars
• Offers or guarantees a huge profit in a very short period
• Utilizes a binary network (i.e. upline and downline) to earn commissions
• No paper trail (i.e. contracts, receipts) – Promises tittle or no financial risk
• Provision for a lock-up period where an investor cannot touch the investment (i.e. 60 days)
• Assures pay-off of investments in a short time
• Uses high-pressure methods to convince investors to reinvest their earnings
• Unknown principal office, address, founders, directors or officers
• Orientation seminars are conducted informally

This investment scheme ordinarily collapses as fast as they are created while leaving its investors behind and unable to recoup their investments.

The public is therefore urged to report any offer of investment made by persons who represent the above-mentioned entities or other entities using similar modus operandi to the undersigned in order that the appropriate enforcement action can be taken:

Director Hubert B. Guevara
Compliance and Enforcement Department
Securities and Exchange Commission
5/F SEC Building, EDSA, Greenhills, Mandaluyong City
(632) 727-3367

Please-Invest is down! Goodbye Ponzi!

t comes as no surprise to me that Please-Invest is down. Quirky explanation from the admin himself.

“Dear Please Invest users

Anyone who has been paying close attention to Please Invest for the past two weeks will be well aware that as of the end of April we have been demonstrating difficulty is completing pending withdrawals. This was caused by many events ranging from the indictment of e-gold to a mass withdrawal by members. I will be honest. For months now, Please Invest has been operating without 100% stability and was always at risk of failing. This was primarily caused by our exorbitant advertising costs which were necessary to ensure that round two would be possible. Unfortunately the final straw was the indictment of e-gold which lead to a mass exodus within the program.

Round 1 of Please Invest is now complete and we will be starting round 2 tomorrow. All accounts have been credited with a 100% loss. All withdrawals have been cancelled and everything is set and ready to go again. This time, Please Invest will operate with the strictest of rules and will not experience such problems as it did during round 1. Round 2 will be entirely backed by real investment activities and will not be a ponzi. Avoid

I was passing by Jude’s Blog and I saw this post, and I thought I’d pass on the info to my readers. If you’re into HYIPs, watch out for the two being mentioned below! Avoid them!

Got an email from one of our reader asking me to review the above programs after receiving our monthly e-zine.

I wouldn’t know how to explain but it just comes to me pretty quickly that both Dividendltd and are nothing but pure ponzi scam sites. It will come to you straight without fail when you’ve been in the arena long enough.

Just avoid them. Keep your money in the pockets and wait for something genuine to come by.”

Somebody is trying to pretent to be Life-Holdings!

READ THIS!! If you come across and advertisement for DO NOT INVEST, it is a scam, the REAL LIFE-HOLDINGS USES LIFE-HOLDINGS.COM…get that? .COM!

I just took a closer look, they are advertising a fake Life Holdings website.See it ends with .net instead of .com?

: Life Holdings : is the only domain name we use!!!

Monday, 23rd April 2007: 0.40% net profit
Tuesday, 24th April 2007: 0.70% net profit
Wednesday, 25th April 2007: 0.70% net profit
Thursday, 26th April 2007: 0.60% net profit
Friday, 27th April 2007: 0.40% net profit

For a total of 2.80% net profit for the entire week.

As everybody probably knows by now, E-gold owners have been Indicted for Money Laundering and Illegal Money Transmitting.
Next week even more information should come from the exchangers who had their E-gold accounts blocked, and hopefully even from E-gold.

I got many requests during the night not to execute payments this week. I have the E-gold for this week’s payments so I will go ahead and make them, except for the ones who have requested otherwise.
E-bullion payments will be completed within an hour.

I have received a SPAM e-mail promoting Life Holdings, and other forum members have received it too. I can assure you it did not came from me. Most likely, I pissed off an idiot promoting a cheap HYIP monitor and he decided to SPAM Life Holdings.

Dan (OptimusLH)
Life Holdings Management

Please Invest – Potential Ponzi HYIP

You know folks, I can’t browse to any HYIP or online investing site without coming across Please Invest’s banners! They seem to be widly popular, but this program leaves a lot of things to be desired. The massive amount of advertising reeks of Ponziness (is that even a word – well it is now,as I’ve just invented it). The admin is rude and immature (not in just my opinion). Check out this reply from the administrator of this program to a recent post from a prominent member of the HYIP community (I think you will find it amusing to say the least):


my dear. I see why you have merged my thread with the current Please Invest one but I distinctly asked Jude if I could post a thread in the hyip folder for Please Invest and I was told yes. I was in no way attempting to break the rules of this forum. I don’t know why you have Please Invest listed as a scam. I haven’t taken anyone’s money. There is no definitive proof that I am a scam (isn’t much on the other side either ).


I believe that the only reason your membership is so big is that you allow people to invest quarters.

That combined with thousands in advertising dollars has lead to Please Invest being the largest program online at this time.


Your arrogance and lack of professionalism just highlights how bad of an administrator you must be.

Arrogance? Lack of professionalism. I guess part of that is true. Unlike the other sites out there I’m not a professional scammer. I don’t build a website telling you that I’m trading stocks, bonds and equities (whatever those are). I tell you nothing. If this lack of professionalism bothers you then I advise that you stick to sites run by professional con artists, not by someone who can actually make you money.

In terms of being a bad administrator, I take offence to that. If there were Oscars for best admin I would definitely win. I reply to concerns quickly despite receiving hundreds of emails each day. I peruse the forums to see how much everyone loves me. Most importantly I take the time out of my day to reply to friendly threads like this one.


Fortunately the members of this forum know Jude well enough to know that the reason your program would never make to a NoBS gemspot is because it is full of BS!!

Even if I keep paying for 2 or 3 years? Even when I outlast the current gemspots? Have an open mind. Broaden your horizons. Spread your wings and fly – try Please Invest.

Sure you can come up with comments saying that Please Invest is similar to past scams that have been on the internet. But I could say the same about nearly everything. But that is fine. In fact I encourage you to trash and bash Please Invest (That would make a good name for an anti-Please Invest demonstration: The Please Invest Trash Bash ). Anyway I would like you to review Please Invest. (Not right now we are doing a server upgrade.) Have a nice rest and then complete it later. To make it unique you are encouraged to throw in as many unproven and unsubstantiated opinions as possible. J

I didn’t notice this thread until today so I will take this opportunity to reply to all of the original posts here too.


His attitude alone is enough for me to say stay away from this idiot.

Please don’t resort to name calling.


I also believe he’s going in for the kill soon – the site has been down a few mornings in a row, and one day it just won’t come back…get out now!

About a month after this post was made and still here. Guess that didn’t happen.


My profit being a single dollar does not change the fact that i took it from someone else…

The person it was taken from was me.


Imagine 100 online investors judging site X is no good.. that will have an impact on the program!

Thank God that will never happen when the average hyip investor can be bought off for a $2.50 bonus. Lol


Remember he said about a friend that’s about to scam loads of money? Running a new script and all? We can assume it’s U-PIE, but what if it’s Please-Invest?

Omg omg omg omg omg – what if its true?


I heard very different things from the man himself through MSN a few weeks ago. Well, advertising in GoldenTalk and MMG works I guess; Our HYIP Blog has his ad too, but I’m pretty sure our readers are smart enough

Smart enough to invest? Lol


Steven, sure I would. But I am not going to go around and just shout scammer here, scammer there; like Ponzi Nemesis does at Talk Gold.

Actually in my case its dogman.


You’re right and I’m humbled! No more contributing to obvious scams (at least not with my usual name Seriously

That’ll definitely fix the problem you are trying to address. If you use a different name so your friends can’t berate you then the world will be saved.


No matter who is running it, I seriously doubt if they have 12,000 members. I would believe 1,200, but not 12,000. It sounds like a confidence ploy to me. Membership in HYIPs/Autosurfs have declined drastically since all the fiascos in 2006.

It is nearly 14,000 now. I can provide proof of this.


Someone on another forum said they’d heard that TG admin

That rumor is old. I stopped being Brian a while ago.

That covers pretty much everything that has been said in this entire thread. What do ya know, after typing all of that the server migration is complete and the website is back online ready for the review.

Sharon I know that you have some reservations when it comes to me and you certainly are going to have trouble accepting the Please Invest is indeed here for the long run and is not a fly by night ponzi scam. I fully understand and wouldn’t expect anything more than a luke warm review. I look forward to reading it.

Someday when Please Invest is seem as the ruling hyip dominating hyips, you Jude and I will all be the best of friends. We will sit around on a summers day on the island Jude plans on buying with his Please Invest profits, singing “Hey Jude”

♪♪♪♪Hey Jude, don’t make it bad.♪ Take a sad song and make it better.♪ Remember to let her into your heart then you can start to make it better. ♪Hey Jude, don’t be afraid, join Please Invest and enjoy the profits.♪ The minute you invest big money, I may take off ♪-♪ or you may become rich. ♪ And anytime you feel the pain, hey jude refrain don’t carry the world upon your shoulders.♪ For well you know that it’s a fool who plays it cool, by making his world a little colder.♪ Na♪ na ♪na ♪na ♪na ♪na – ♪Hey Jude, don’t let me down. Force Sharon, to write a cool review. ♪Remember to let her into your heart, then you can start to make it better. Etc…♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪

Please Invest Admin


Wow! What more could I say?

So In conclusion I’d advise you all to approach this one with caution! If you’re looking for more tested and true HYIPs then look to your right on this blog and you’ll see that I have reviews of what I consider (and not just me, but many many people) to be the best programs out there.

That’s all for today…alan out! *disappears in a puff of smoke*