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“deliberately trading” markets? (it’s like this)

Dear Trader,

I just got done talking to Bill Poulos over at Profits Run and
he was telling me what a great time he’s been having working
with his new “Cashflow Catalyst” students that joined up this

He says one of the biggest joys is to hear feedback from a new
student as they finally discover how to trade INDEPENDENTLY.

And one of the biggest steps to trading independently is
something he teaches you in The “Cashflow Catalyst” video.

What is it?

Well, it’s a technique Bill uses to identify what he calls:
“deliberately trading markets”.

This video shows you a profit-taking technique that’s the
complete opposite of how most people trade (and why they often

You can “eyeball” this technique in just seconds, and once you
“get it”, you’ll NEVER look at a chart the same way again.

Personally, I think trading this way is a breath of fresh air
for many traders, because it puts the odds squarely in your

-maybe for the first time EVER.

You can download his entire “Cashflow Catalyst” trading
method, along with the trading blueprint and 2 bonus trainings:
The Trade Position Worksheet AND the special Options Strategy
Tutorial that shows you how to supercharge what you learn with
the “Cashflow Catalyst”.

Get it instantly here…

Good Trading!

The Real Wealth Income Generator is LIVE!

Dear investor,

It’s time —

  • The Real Wealth Income Generator is LIVE!

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Make sure you watch the ENTIRE presentation on that page — it
reveals some BRAND NEW, SURPRISE EXTRAS you’re going to
get when you enroll in the program today…

I’ve been teaching people how to trade the markets since 2001
and from all the hundreds of comments on my training website, it
looks like this may be the most important trading program that I’ve

I also priced it low enough so that pretty much everybody can
give it a shot, but I reserve the right to increase the price at
any time, so if you want IN at this low introductory price, get
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Good Trading,
Bill Poulos

p.s. When you enroll today, you’ll get to INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD
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A ‘sneak peek’ of this private trading group

I just got this message from 35+ year market expert Bill Poulos
that I think you’re going to want to see RIGHT AWAY.

It was intended to be seen ONLY by a small group of his private
students, but he let a few others see it, and I’m doing the

Here’s his original message to me:


A group of my private students and I have encountered something
taking place in the markets this year…

-and ESPECIALLY in the past week.

I recorded a special ‘report card’ video just for this private
group, but I wanted to share it with you because I think you
need to see what’s been going on.

Your portfolio could depend on it.

Watch it here…

Good Trading,
Bill Poulos

p.s. What you’re about to see in this video is something the
average “mainstream” person will, unfortunately, NEVER
understand nor get to enjoy in their lifetime.

Complimentary ‘stock mastery training’

If you missed the deadline for Bill Poulos’s Market Mastery
Protege Program last night, I’m sorry, but you’re too late,
because enrollment is currently closed.

However, I have a bit of good news for you.

Bill just gave me a fantastic 62 page trading report he calls:

“Market Mastery Profit Plans”
How Stock Market Insiders Profit in Today’s Economy

He’s giving this away to thank you for participating in his
Market Mastery Protege Program release.

In this report, Bill teaches you the 5 ‘recession proof’ trading
‘attack plans’ that you can use TODAY to enhance ANY trading
method at ANY time in ANY market…

You’ll also learn:

** The 4 “cornerstone components” Wall Street insiders have used
for decades to dramatically put the odds of success in their
favor, and how you can do it, too (page 25)…

** The 4 “emotion stabilizers”, inspired by Einstein, that
finally help keep “fear & greed” out of the picture once & for
all (page 55)…

** How to drastically reduce your “time in the trenches” trading
stocks by spending only 20 minutes a day. This discovery makes
it all possible (page 56)…

** …and a whole lot more, as he reveals the critical & crucial
strategies you need to maximize your profit potential in these
volatile markets…

It’s entirely complimentary & “on the house”. No name or email
required to get it.

Here’s the direct access link:



Good Trading,

Stock Market Mastery Protege Program closes today!


This is it.

The enrollment page for 35+ year trading veteran Bill Poulos’s
Market Mastery Protege Program closes TODAY, Tuesday, at 11:59pm
Eastern (New York time).

If you get this message in time, you can probably still get in


As a final reminder, remember that:

* You get the entire Market Mastery Protege Program home study
course that reveals how to spot the 4 “profit pockets” that can
occur on almost ANY stock chart, again & again…

* You get 8 bonus group coaching sessions, which have sold in
the past for $5,000…

* You have 60 days to try out the course. Don’t like it? Send it
back. No questions asked…

* It all breaks down to about $2.74 per day…

If you’re ready to become an independent master trader, join get
in here today:


Good Trading,

p.s. As of this writing, Bill’s real-time inventory counter
shows 14 copies remaining.


Stock Market Mastery Protege Program Ends Tomorrow!

Bill Poulos has decided to close enrollment into his Market
Mastery Protege Program TOMORROW, Tuesday, June 22nd, at 11:59pm
Eastern (New York time).

So if you want “in”, hurry and reserve your copy here:


He even put up a countdown timer on the enrollment page so
you know exactly when it closes.

If you’re “on the fence” about joining Bill as a new student of
his Market Mastery Protege Program, here are some things to keep
in mind:

* The home study course reveals everything you need to know to
spot the 4 “profit pockets” that can occur on almost ANY stock
chart, including:

– The Profit Pipeline Method…

– The Trend Validator Method…

– The Velocity Method…

– The Countertrend Cash Method…

* If you enroll TODAY, you get 8 bonus group coaching sessions,
which have sold in the past for as much as $5,000. This is a
HUGE bonus, and frankly, it’s unheard of.

* The whole thing breaks down to about $2.73 per day over a
year. I think that’s the best deal you’re EVER going to find for
this much handholding in the markets.

* Finally, if you truly don’t think this is for you, Bill is
giving you a full 60 days to take it for a “test drive”. Don’t
like it? Send it back. Simple!

If you’re reading this message in time, you might still be able
to join him here:


Good luck and Good Trading,

p.s. If you see a “Sorry, Sold Out” message, then you were too
late. Just add your name to the waiting list & you’ll be
notified if the program is ever released again.