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The Bitcoin Sun – The First Bitcoin Newspaper

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Hello dear reader.

It looks like the bitcoin community is continuing to grow. I just found out that someone published the very first newspaper dedicated to bitcoin and the bitcoin community. Pretty cool! This newspaper is called “The Bitcoin Sun.”

Link to download the first edition of The Bitcoin Sun:


I thought I’d share a link to where you can download a copy for yourself. I’d say it’s worth a read. It is a bit rough as is to be expected for the first issue of something new, but it does contain some intersting articles. The one that I’d say any bitcoin newbie must read is the one entitled “From Alice to Bob: A not so simple introduction to bitcoin’s inner workings” Do not get intimidated by that title. The article is not _THAT_ complex so if you flex your brain a bit you no doubt will be able to get it. Bitcoin is complex in a sense, but it is an ingenious one (my opinion – if you disagree leave a comment) and once you begin to understand its inner workings more and more I am pretty sure you tooo will agree with me. What can I say, I wish I’d have thought of it myself!

OK folks, that does it for this post. Stay tuned her for more bitcoin related posts. I am also thinking of maybe starting an entire blog dedicated to bitcoin. Not sure at this moment if I have enough time to update yet another blog, but I shall at least give it a try.

By the way, I invite you to join me and others on the bitcoin forum: