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GoldMoney Moves into Palladium


Greetings fellow precious metals investors. I have good news for those of you who enjoy the convenience of precious metals storage providers such as GoldMoney. The news is that the team at GoldMoney have announced that they are now offering another precious metal to their clients – Palladium. So thus far they’ve got Gold, Silver, Platinum, and now Palladium. That pretty much completes the precious metals quartet in my opinion. I still prefer gold above all the others but I may look into buying some Palladium sometime in the future and precious metals dealers/storage providers like GoldMoney provide a very convenient and safe way to invest in precious metals.

Here is a brief quote from GoldMoney’s press release:

“As part of our ongoing focus on improvements to GoldMoney’s
services, we are pleased to announce the further expansion
of our precious metals selection. In addition to gold,
silver and platinum, you can now buy palladium for storage
in our Hong Kong vault – another great way to diversify and
optimise your precious metals portfolio with GoldMoney.”

As you can read your Palladium will be stored in Hong Kong which IMO seems like a pretty safe place to keep it. It’s not Switzerland but I guess it comes pretty close.

For more details regarding GoldMoney or their products/services/etc please see their website.