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“deliberately trading” markets? (it’s like this)

Dear Trader,

I just got done talking to Bill Poulos over at Profits Run and
he was telling me what a great time he’s been having working
with his new “Cashflow Catalyst” students that joined up this

He says one of the biggest joys is to hear feedback from a new
student as they finally discover how to trade INDEPENDENTLY.

And one of the biggest steps to trading independently is
something he teaches you in The “Cashflow Catalyst” video.

What is it?

Well, it’s a technique Bill uses to identify what he calls:
“deliberately trading markets”.

This video shows you a profit-taking technique that’s the
complete opposite of how most people trade (and why they often

You can “eyeball” this technique in just seconds, and once you
“get it”, you’ll NEVER look at a chart the same way again.

Personally, I think trading this way is a breath of fresh air
for many traders, because it puts the odds squarely in your

-maybe for the first time EVER.

You can download his entire “Cashflow Catalyst” trading
method, along with the trading blueprint and 2 bonus trainings:
The Trade Position Worksheet AND the special Options Strategy
Tutorial that shows you how to supercharge what you learn with
the “Cashflow Catalyst”.

Get it instantly here…

Good Trading!