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ClixSense paid to click – affiliate special

Those of you who are into paid to click sites might be interested in knowing that one of the best paid to click (PTC/PTR) sites out there,ClixSense, now has a special offer for its affiliate members.

Effective November 1, 2007
Not only do you still get paid for clicking ads, still get paid 10 cents for referring new members, and 10% of ad purchase revenues from your downline. Premium members will now get paid FIVE LEVELS deep for referrals who upgrade their accounts to Premium accounts! You heard it right – Five Levels! With the old program you only received $5 for each upgrade you referred. If you referred three, your maximum earnings for those referrals was $15. With our new and improved affiliate program, your max earnings for those three referrals is up to $366.50

By the way, a premium member is one who has verified his/her “online purchasing power” by charging a $10 fee to his/her credit card. Naturally advertisers target premium members more so you are going to be able to click on more ads and therefore earn more money.

I stopped testing paid to click sites a long time ago, but this site is one of the few that I kept simply because they pay and it can be quite lucrative to promote. Proof of payment (via check) can be found on this site over here.

Those with itchy mouse finger should visit their website at http://www.clixsense.com

happy clicking!