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How Energy Saving Products can Help you Save Money

Many energy saving products have hit the market in the last few years, and many of them can help you save power and use renewable energy sources, thus saving money and preserving the environment. In this article we will present the best energy saving products and explain how they are used.

The first on this list is the solar charger. The solar charger is a device that makes use of the sun’s energy to charge the electrical devices that are present in your house, without the need for solar panels for your home. You can charge many electrical devices like iPods, iPhones and Digital Cameras. Just leave the batteries inside the device and without 5-8 hours the device will be 100% charged and ready to be used. The energy saving bulb is the second product that will help you save energy. Try not to use incandescent bulbs because it is known that around 90% of the electricity is required just to heat the tungsten metal filament – and is wasted.

The energy saving plug is another product on the list of energy saving products. It is a great energy saving device which helps you save big quantities of energy. Just plug your electric devices in this plug, and all the rest is taken care for: the plug will automatically shut the electricity if the devices are turned off. For example if you plug your PC into the electricity plug, and shut your PC off – the electricity will be automatically shut off. The plug automatically shuts down if your PC is switched off or on standby position – which helps you save electricity and decrease risk of fires at home due to electricity sparks.

The third product is the electricity monitor. By making use of the electricity monitor you can get to see the amount of electricity you are using, how much the electricity is costing and how much carbon dioxide emissions you are releasing to the environment. By using of the electricity monitor you can get information on how much you need to save in order to lower your power bill.
Another electricity saving product is a solar panel. By using solar panels you can harness the power of the sun to generate electricity for your home, and use a renewable energy source that does not harm the environment. Solar panels cost between $2,000 to $5,000, depending on the size and technology used, however this is an investment that you will return in 3-8 years.
Energy saving products help you become aware of how much electricity you are using, and improve your efficiency by reducing the electricity you use, and increasing the use of energy from renewable sources. Start using them today and help preserve the environment (and save money at the same time!)

Author: Dan Vanter

Dan Vanter is a writer that is dedicated to home made energy products and using it to save money on your electricity bill.