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Forex Demolition forex robot is now live – one of my favorites!

forex demolition

Hi everyone.

I have a news announcement to share with you. One of my long time profitable forex robots (EA) has finally hit the market – ie it’s now available for purchase. The name of this EA is Forex Demolition. I’ve been using this EA for a very long time. A good friend of mine is the main coder behind it so I’ve been lucky enough to be able to test it out on a LIVE account.  This is the only EA that I’m  using on a real money account for now. It is not a super frequent trader but when it trades it’s very accurate. My live account performance can be accessed here:


This is a MB Trading account. I activated the EA on the account right after that big dip in the account balance. Previously I had some other EA that nearly crashed my account so I manually traded my way back up to the initial account opening balance and placed Forex Demolition on it, and have been happy with it ever since.

I should mention that Forex Demolition is a scalper EA so the broker you use and the spread matters A LOT! If you notice that you don’t get many trades or no trades with a particular broker try another. Some brokers increase the spread during the time when this EA trades and since this EA has a spread protection mechanism it will NOT trade. ECN and STP brokers work best. The lower the spread the better.

So in conclusion I think you definitely want to look into getting your own copy as this is the real deal folks – an EA that makes pips not empty promises and lofty claims.

To find out more or to get a copy you can simply visit the Forex Demolition Homepage.

I would also encourage you to share your experience and performance over at my forex nirvana forum. There is a thread dedicated to this EA over here.

Happy trading!



Forex Megadroid Price Lowered to $97

Howdy money makers! I’ve got some good news for those of you who like me like to use forex robot to trade the forex market. I have mentioned on many cases that Forex Megadroid is one of the few forex robots that I trade live. Well, I’ve got good news for those of you who want to grab your own copy of this forex robot. The good news is that the Forex Megadroid robot team has lowered the price from $149 to $97.  In my opinion this is a too good deal to pass.

You can see my live account performance either here on this blog (use the google search box to search this blog for “forex megadroid”) or at my forex robots forum. Here is the specific thread dedicated to forex megadroid where I will be posting regular performance updates:




New Forex Megadroid Version Released – v1.30


I bet by now you all know that I’m into forex trading; especially trading with automated trading systems – aka “forex robots” or “expert advisors.” Well, one of my favorite and most recommended forex robots is one called Forex Megadroid. I bet some of you by now also own this forex product. If you do, I’d like to give you a heads up to let you know that the forex megadroid developers have released a new version – v1.30 to be specific.

The improvements are:

1) a small fix to the AutoGMTOffset feature
2) improvements to the strategy (I can’t wait to see how the new improvements perform!)
3) improved DLL access speed
4) a small fix to the Journal tab messages

*Note: No reason to download manual. Pdf. manual is still 1.21*

It would be good idea to remove both original files and install new.

Also from the MegaDroid people:

“Beginning next week, older versions of Megadroid will
display warning messages regarding the update and
shortly, older versions will cease to function so ensure
that you have the latest version running at all times.
This is especially important if you run Megadroid via
one of the many VPS services.”

So make sure you upgrade if you haven’t already!

Like I said at the beginning of this post, Forex MegaDroid is one of the few commercial forex robots that I 100% recommend – I’ve been using it on two live accounts with great success! If you want to find out more details about Forex MegaDroid or get your own copy I invite you to hop on over to their homepage. See the link below:



The Forex Robot World Cup Is Live

The Forex Robot World Cup

As I mentioned in my previous post a few hours ago, The Forex Robot World Cup top performing forex robots were due to be released to the public today at 9:00AM EST, and that’s exactly what happened.

Thus you can grab a copy of their top performing forex robots by visiting the Forex World Cup homepage.
I’m also wondering if those of you who purchase Forex Robot World Cup membership would be kind enough to share performance results with me and other traders. There is a thread on the Forex Nirvana forum where you can share your testing results:


Thanks, and I wish you all the best of luck!


The Forex Robot World Cup Launch

The Forex Robot World Cup

Some interesting stuff is happening in the commercial forex trading systems world. The Forex Robot World Cup – the biggest and most important Forex robot competition in the industry (or so its organizers claim) – is due to be launched today Feb 16 at 9:00AM EST. Thus average forex trading Joes like me and you can gain access to the hot-shot forex robots that won the competition.

From what I can gather there is a lot of buzz around their Fusion-V 1.1a robot which according to their sales page produced a return of 355.46% in just 19 days. They do backup that claim with a real money FXCM trading account performance statement which can be seen at the very top of their sales page.

Price wise access to this (and other future) hotshot forex robot will set you back exactly $999 USD. Is it worth it? Hmm, good question. I’ll refrain from passing judgment until I get my own copy and put it to the test.

If you’re feeling adventurous I suggest you visit the Forex Robot World Cup homepage to either find out more or to purchase membership.

As always I’ll make sure I keep you all up-to-date regarding my performance testing once I get my own copy.

I wish you all happy and profitable trading!



USDBOT – Another forex robot hits the market


Hi there. Guess what. Another forex robot has hit the market with stupendous marketing force. This latest forex claim to fame goes by the name of USDBOT.  I blogged in more detail about it over at my forex blog so those of you who are into forex like me are invited to check the link below if you’re curious to know about USDBOT:


Like I mention on the forex blog post you can also visit the Forex Nirvana forum and chat with other forex traders regarding this new forex robot (and other forex related topics of course!)


Good luck!