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ScriptLance Review


Hi there. A while back I introduced the ScriptLance affiliate program, and since then I managed to actually get to use ScriptLance as more than just an affiliate. I now have two completed projects under my belt – as a buyer – and I figured it would be a good time now to write a review of ScriptLance itself in case some of you are thinking of using the site to hire a programmer/web designer.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with ScriptLance perhaps it would be best to take a few moment to describe exactly what this site is all about. Well, essentially ScriptLance is a marketplace where freelance programmers/website designers/graphics artists/etc compete for your business by placing “bids” on your project(s). ScriptLance provides the platform or “marketplace environment” which facilitates this process .

So, say if I had this brilliant idea for a website that is going to become big and make me a lot of money. If I possess the necessarily technical skills to bring this idea into reality then things would be quite easy for me, but if I do not then the only logical course of action would be for me to look for a talented programmer/web designer who can create this proposed money making website for me.  The next step I would take is to start a “project” on ScriptLance and describe precisely and as detailed as possible what I’d like to have done, and set a specific budget range (say minimum being $10 to $200). One I submit the project it will appear on the ScriptLance website where freelance programmers would see it and bid for the job. Once I decide which programmer I’d like to hire I close the project and that’s pretty much it. This in a nutshell is how ScriptLance works. If you think that my description above sucks perhaps this video explains things more to your liking?:

[youtube gb9HCab4Lcc nolink]

Competition is good, and in the case of ScriptLance having programmers and website designers compete for your business is a good thing as it will mean lower development costs for you. There are TONS and TONS of freelance programmers on ScriptLance and the competition is fierce. As far as I know ScriptLance is one of the most popular freelance sites out there, and as a result any self-respecting freelancer or development company will most likely have an account on there. You can find some really talented people on the site, that’s for sure.

Speaking from a buyer’s point of view here is a list of what I like about ScriptLance the most:

1) It has a HUGE pool of freelance programmers/website designers

2) Simple to use and effective website

3) Lots of competition for my project(s)

4) Cheap services – you would not believe how low some of the offers from programmers can be. Beware though that choosing the lowest bid is NOT always the best decision. Try to strike a balance between cost and what you perceive to be the quality of the programmer in mind.

5) Low fees – I think the fees charged by ScriptLance are VERY reasonable and I do not mind paying them.

How much are the fees?

There are no sign up fees and no monthly fees.

Buyers can post projects and receive bids/quotes for free. Once the buyer selects a winning bid their account will be charged a flat fee of $5, which must be paid within 30 days. Fees are refunded if the project is cancelled.

Programmers are charged a $5 or 5% fee (whichever is greater) when their bid is selected as the winner for a project. Programmers also have 30 days time to pay this fee, and it is refunded if the project is cancelled.

Is it safe to use? Will I get scammed?

ScriptLance has to say teh following rgegarding this topic: “This is not common problem for our members, but still, it is smart to take precautions to avoid being a victim. Please read the project guidelines we have created. Most importantly, use escrow for payments and communicate often.”

Escrow! Yes, make 100% sure you ALWAYS use escrow for payments. If a programmer approaches you and says that he will complete the project for a lower fee if you pay him via some non escrow method (ie PayPal direct to his account) STAY AWAY from this programmer and look for another one. Always make sure you follow the project guidelines on the ScriptLance website. So far I have NOT been scammed. The only complaint I guess that I have – and this is NOT directed at ScriptLance itself but more or less a large portion of the freelancers that use their site – is that many of the freelances are from non English speaking countries and as a result sometimes their communication skills are horrendous. But then again these folks with their horrible English and communication skills often provide some pretty damn good services at a ridiculously low rate! So will I still hire someone from say India, heck yeah!

I think that about does it for this review. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to hop on over to the ScriptLance website and check on the latest bids for a new project that I’m working on.

I wish you all the best of luck with all your various online ventures. If you have an opinion regarding ScriptLance that you’d like to share with me and other entrepreneurs feel free to comment here, or visit my  Money Guru forum and start a thread.