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Full Tilt Poker Affiliate Program is Back!

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Fellow affiliates! I have some good news. The Full Tilt Poker affiliate program is back! After being shutdown for a while due to running into some “difficulties” with the authorities and subsequently being bought by PokerStars their now back online. This also means that they’re re-opened their affiliate program. Since they’re under new management I feel a lot more comfortable telling you about this then if they were being managed by the same people. I have already signed up for their affiliate program and I will soon start promoting them.

If you’ve read my blog in the past you would know that I’ve had success with their affiliate program and I hope to resume that success. It sucks though that I lost all my previous referrals and no doubt some of you are in the same position as me. Ohwell, such is life.

So, if you are interested in signing up here is what you need to do:

Step 1: Click here to go to the Full Tilt Poker website.

Step 2: Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click on the “Full Tilt Poker Partners” link

Step 3: There should be instructions on that page as to what you need to do next.

If you run into any issues feel free to leave a comment here and I will try my best to help you.

Good luck! I hope you make tons of money!

Alan out.

Feds Call Full-Tilt Poker a ‘Global Ponzi Scheme’

I was quite shocked when I heard this but the popular (and heavily advertised) poker website Full-Tilt Poker was sued today by the US government, following an investigation that revealed it to be a massive Ponzi Scheme. The principals in the company set up a complicated system to direct funds from subscribers’ poker accounts into their own bank accounts. This was in contravention of their own claim that users’ money was untouched. Players’ accounts amounted to $390 million, but the company only has $60 million in the bank, having over time distributed $440 million to its own directors and executives.

I have been one of their affiliate for a long time and this news just hurts. I sucks to hear that a company whose products you’ve promoted turned out to be a big scam. I hope the directors and executives connected with full tilt poker get what they deserve – a nice long jail sentence. I do also hope that their assets get frozen and used to pay back the players they defrauded.

To those of you who signed up as a full tilt poker affiliate as a result of my site(s) I gravely apologize. I had no way of knowing full tilt poker was a ponzi scheme and I assure you I never had any bad intentions.


–Edit– Look like Full Tilt Poker is back! They’re now owned by PokerStars, so if you join the full tilt poker affiliate program you won’t be dealing with the old full tilt poker crew. Hopefully this means a clean start and no more future funny business.

Attention Full Tilt Poker Affiliates – Rush Poker Mobile Is Here

Hello fellow money makers. I just thought I’d make a short post for all you current and future Full Tilt Poker affiliates to let you know that an exciting new promotional opportunity has opened up for you all. The Full Tilt Poker crew have released a mobile poker platform called “Rush Poker Mobile,” and I personally think that this should add additional value and an extra incentive for potential poker players to sign up under your affiliate link.

According to the Full Tilt Poker crew players can now play the world’s fastest poker game anywhere, anytime with Rush Poker Mobile. Rush Poker Mobile is a new application designed to work on mobile devices that support Flash v10.1 or higher. Rush Poker Mobile features both real money and play money  tables.

Essentially the bottom line is that the Full Tilt Poker “Rush Poker Mobile” platform can help you boost your commissions as your players can now play their favorite Full Tilt Poker games wherever they are. Who here doesn’t want to boost their commissions? There you go. Now go out there and promote it!

If you’re not a Full Tilt Poker affiliate and you wish to become one please see the link below:


I wish you all the best of luck!



Full Tilt Poker Introduces The Black Card


I’ve got some news for all you Full Tilt Poker affiliates (such as myself). Full Tilt Poker have introduced a rewards program for their players called “The Black Card”

Here is an excerpt taken directly from Full Tilt Poker which best described what The Black Card is all about:

The Black Card will make big waves in the poker world, and players will be gunning hard to earn the prestige of attaining this elite status.

The Black Card is going to translate to higher and faster conversions and affiliate revenue for you, so be sure to leverage this excitement by heavily promoting its launch in order to fully capitalize your earning potential.

The Black Card is a unique selection of rewards for players who reach elite status at Full Tilt Poker. The Black Card entitles players who attain this status to such outstanding benefits as exclusive access to the private Black Card Store, where they can exchange Full Tilt Points for cash bonuses, as well as limited-edition, luxury collectors’ items and branded Black Card merchandise. They also receive 2x Full Tilt Points and entry to exclusive online Black Card tournaments. Black Card holders will also enjoy preferred treatment at live events in the company of Full Tilt Poker pros.

Your players will love the challenge of striving to reach this elite and prestigious achievement, as well as the tremendous benefits they will enjoy once they manage to attain their Black Card membership.

Seize the opportunity and promote the launch of Black Card in your news and review sections of your site. Black Card is the biggest thing to hit the poker world, so be sure to share in its success and promote it hard. First mover advantage is certainly going to apply.

To become a Black Card Member, players need to generate a minimum daily average of 500 FTP points over a rolling 100-day period.

As a PRP affiliate, this means your players will generate more rake both as they strive to become a Black Card member and as they maintain their status once they achieve their membership.

If you’ve read the above text you no doubt realize that this is definitely a good thing for you as a Full Tilt Poker affiliate. So my suggestion for you fellow Full Tilt Poker affiliates is to heavily promote the new Black Card. Full Tilt Poker has plenty of marketing materials you can use, so make sure you do!

As I mentioned on numerous other occasions I strongly recommend the Full Tilt Poker Affiliate Program, so if you want to make some good money promoting the Full Tilt Poker online poker platform please click on the banner below:

Play Online Poker

I wish you the best of luck!

P.S. If you need some help with getting started as a Full Tilt Poker affiliate – such as how to get started marketing, promotion ideas, etc – feel free to give me a shout.


Another Full Tilt Poker Check

Hi everyone.  I just received another nice check from Full Tilt Poker today, and by now I’m solidly convinced that smart affiliates can make a lot of money with this particular online poker brand. I did not even do a lot of heavy promoting and I’ve had success, so imagine what a so called “mega affiliate” can do if he/she really puts some serious effort into promoting Full Tilt Poker.

Here is proof of payment:

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This month the check is up to $231 which is the largest since. Not too shabby for minimal work, wouldn’t you say? Well, anyways, I’m thinking this will be the last “I got paid” post I’ll make as it’s pretty clear by now that they do pay me. I’m very happy with how the full tilt poker affiliate program is working out for me. My next goal shall be to increase my promotional efforts. If I can grow that check to over $1000 per month that would be pretty sweet.

If you’ve read my previous posts regarding the full tilt poker affiliate program you already know that I highly recommend it. If you have not or you’re new to the online money making arena do yourself a favor and at least consider joining this affiliate program. If you love to play poker and can bring some added value to your full tilt poker promo page then even better! Speaking of which, I’ve been thinking of the best way to promote this poker platform and I’m thinking some sort of poker guide/”secret method” e-book should work well. Anyways, I’m just throwing out some ideas.

So in conclusion, I highly recommend you join the Full Tilt Poker Affiliate Program today and start making some money.

I wish you all the best of luck!


Full Tilt Poker Affiliate Program

Play Online Poker

Hello everyone. Today I want to tell you about another affiliate program that I think you should seriously consider joining. I’ve already reviewed it over here before but I thought I’d blog about it again in case most or some of you haven’t read that review.

As you have already guessed by the title this affiliate program is related to online poker, which in my opinion represents a huge market which you can tap into for juicy profits. Having said that I for one was able to get a piece of the action. I’ve had considerable success with it and I believe that if you put even a little bit of effort into it you too will make money. If you become really successful with this affiliate program you can receive an unlimited monthly income. In today’s tough economic environment any bit of extra income one can get is definitely a good thing!

Now like I said I’ve managed to make money with this poker affiliate program, and I’ve got proof. What you though I’m going to ask you to take my word for it? ;) In the past I’ve made two “got paid” blog postings before and you can find them over here:

1) http://alansmoneyblog.com/2009/01/19/full-tilt-poker-pays/

2) http://alansmoneyblog.com/2008/08/02/full-tilt-poker-affiliate-program-pays/

Since then the size of my monthly affiliate check has grown considerably.

If this has peaked your interest I first recommend you read the review that I posted a while back because it contains some important details that you need to be aware of before you join. Then if you’re ready to hop on board the online poker money train click the banner below to join:

Play Online Poker
Join The Full Tilt Poker Affiliate Program Today!

As always if you have any questions or need some tips/advice on how to make the most of this affiliate program I’m always within reach via e-mail. You can find out my e-mail address by clicking the “About” link at the top of this blog.

I wish you all good luck and I hope you make tons and tons of money!