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Awesome Dedicated Web Server Deal

Hi everyone. If you’re in the market for a powerful dedicated server that can handle any website load you throw at it I’ve got a special deal that I just came across while googling “dedicated servers.” The deal comes from a company called DedicatedNow and to put it simply it is impossible to resists. I for one plan to get their $189 server package ASAP.

To see why I am so excited about this, checkout what you get as part of this special holiday “blowout” !! :

* 1 Month Free!
* Free Upgrade to 6GB RAM!
* Free Control Panel (Plesk 30 or cPanel)!
* Free dotDefender Web Application Firewall!
* Free Upgrade to 6,000GB Premium Bandwidth!
* Free 100mbps Switch Port!

With 6 GB of RAM and 6 Terabytes of bandwidth you can host some absolutely MONSTER websites!

Here is what I suggest. Go to this link:


Get the $189 server deal (or higher if you need even more power) before it disappears!

I wish you success with your online business(es).