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Telebay – Voip.com Commission Increase


Just a quick post to let all you MLM folks out there know that Telebay has increased commissions on all Voip.com products. I’m not really into MLM programs, so for me this is the only MLM program that I’ve involved with. I like the telecommunications field and I think services such as VOIP and the rest are the future and I figure why not make a little bit of $ by promoting such products.

Here is the official news release:

We are happy to announce that we are extending the Voip.com commission increase through the 15th of this month. Commissions for Voip.com sales are as follows:

1-3 sales, you make $75.00 per sale.
4-10 sales, you make $82.80 per sale.
11-50 sales, you make $90.00 per sale.
51+ sales, you make $97.50 per sale.

1-3 sales, you make $65.63 per sale.
4-10 sales, you make $72.45 per sale.
11-50 sales, you make $78.75 per sale.
51+ sales, you make $85.31 per sale.

If you who wish to join this MLM program follow this link and then on that page click the “Opportunity” button at the top.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention. In addition to being able to promote various telecommunication products you’ll also get a free online shopping mall that offers products from the likes of Wal-Mart, Buy.com, Macy’s, etc. Click here to see a sample of how it will look like.

Yuwie – Invite friends. Hang out. Get paid.

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the popular social networking site myspace. How would you like to get paid to do the things you do on Myspace? Sounds too good to be true? Enter Yuwie. This Myspace clone purports to pay you for inviting friends, hanging out, and just generally loitering in cyberspace. I cannot confirm that they indeed do pay as I just recently found out about this MLM’ish type of website, so I have yet to receive a check from them. What I’m here to do is at the very least tell you what this site is about and how you just might be able to make some nice money with it.

So how can Yuwie afford to pay me for using their site?

Easy! Advertising revenue is your answer. Myspace for example makes bucket loads of money from advertisers. How much of that do you get for being the one to generate that income in the first place by clicking on their ads? Zero! Yes, zilch, nada, nothing. Yuwie shares its advertising revenues with its users. That’s pretty much the simplified version of the business model Yuwie is using. For you tech heads out there, Yuwie is a web 2.0 site in the sense that it relies on contributions from thousands of internet users to build up a social network. The difference between Yuwie and, say, MySpace is that it shares its advertising revenue with its members on the basis that the more you use it, the more you make.

The site is obviously free to join and anyone can benefit from their somewhat generous 10 level deep referral program. I think that if it wasn’t for the referral program Yuwie might not have grown as fast as it has. It was definitely a smart business move to implement this reward scheme. I’ve seen some MLMers with monstrous downlines, enough to cause “downline envy” ;)

So how much can one really make with this new fangled Yuwie thinggie? Good question. It all depends on many variables, but just to give you a very rough idea, check out the image below:

The above chart assumes that you manage to refer 3 people, and in turn those 3 people refer 3 other people, and so on.

So is Yuwie a Myspace killer? Hmm, tough to say at this point. It has certainly grown at a phenomenal rate. It has an Alexa.com ranking of 3,282 as of today – quite impressive, and no doubt it will continue to climb even higher.

Well folks, this brief review ends here and I hope it has been a bit helpful. Hopefully Yuwie will make you tons of cash :-)

fresh MLM opportunity: uVme

First off, let me state that I am not a fan of MLM programs AT ALL. In fact, I somewhat have a disdain for them, but I won’t go into detail as to why. I would mainly like to let you people know about a new MLM opportunity that I think has a chance to “become big”. This new MLM program that I’ve found is called uVme. As I said I am not a big MLM guy so I won’t try to “pitch it to you”, but I will provide you with some brief information about this program.

I should also mention that this MLM business is in its pre-launch stage, so I guess now would be a good time to get in to gain the first mover advantage.

uVme describes itself as a fast-moving and unique business that combines three of the most exciting phenomena on the internet: ONLINE GAMES, SOCIAL NETWORKING WITH INSTANT LIVE COMMUNICATION.

The market today for the above services (2007) is approximately worth $164 USD per second ($5.2 billion USD annually), and in the next 156 weeks is expected to grow to $412 USD per second – of every minute of every day, and growing.

So, what is the catch, you may ask yourself. The catch is that as with nearly all MLM opportunities you have to pay to get in. There is no free lunch folks.

Here are the fees uVme asks of you:


For your online games platform there is a one-off fee:

UK £ Pounds Sterling: Virtual Kit Cost £199.97

Europe € Euros: Virtual Kit Cost €199.97

USA & rest of the world $ U.S. Dollars: Virtual Kit Cost $199.97

Thanks to the “Fast Start Bonus”, when you personally sponsor other uVme Associates who qualify as “active” within their first 28 days of joining, you get paid (depending on the Associate’s location) £100 for Associates based in the UK; €100 for Associates based in Europe; and USD$100 for Associates based in the USA and the rest of the world. So you only have to meet this criteria twice (assuming you sponsor an Associate in the same country as you), and your initial costs are covered.

For the use of the .biz business-building web site, plus tools and features built into this web site, and the Associate Instant Messenger System, the monthly licence fee is:

UK £ Pounds Sterling: Licence Fee £65.00

Europe € Euros: Licence Fee €65.00

USA & rest of the world (outside Europe) $ U.S. Dollars: Licence Fee $65.00


You can add people to your uVme team either just as “Personally Sponsored Players” (PSPs), or as personally sponsored business Associates. Business Associates are people who, like you, join uVme to develop their own uVme business. But because you have introduced them, and they join as part of your team, they become part of YOUR team in what is called your “downline”.

There is way too much detail to post over here, so I encourage you to take advantage of the following resources provided by uVme:

The “Insider’s Report” – gives you the full insiders’ view of the market.

The Payplan pdf file – compensation details

The Powerpoint Presentation – self explanatory

View the uVme Movie in MPEG or WMV format (~ 40 Mb each)

For other additional details you’re going to have to go to the uVme website and become a member. If you decided that this program is right for you, great, if not, don’t worry as I will let you know about other MLM opportunities as I come across them. However, MLM is not my specialty so don’t expect too much from me.

I wish you all success!