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My favorite shared web hosting company

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Greetings dear current or future internet entrepreneur.

I sometimes get asked by budding internet entrepreneurs questions related to web hosting. One of these commonly asked questions is where should they host their website and what type of hosting plan they should purchase. Some of them are under the impression that they need to invest a lot of money into fancy pants so called “business” web hosting plans or even dedicated servers. I’ve been through this already, and I found out that for the most part a regular decent shared web hosting plan is adequate for the needs of MOST internet entrepreneurs. If you know for SURE that you will get crazy high traffic within the first few months of launching your internet venture then, sure, go for most powerful hosting solutions, but the reality is that most of you will start your venture into the internet business field with low traffic requirements. In the beginning a good shared web hosting plan is all that you need.

I used to have this website on a dedicated server and you know what, I was paying over $100 a month a the time and for the majority of the time the server was hardly breaking a sweat. Since March or so of this year I’ve moved the site back to my trusted and favorite hosting company – Hostgator. Ever since I’ve signed up with them a while back (actually a pretty long time ago) I’ve been happy with their level of service. They’re a very reliable hosting company, and when you’re in the business of making money online having good uptime is very important!

There are a ton of hosting companies out there and I’m sure someone else would say to go with this or that company, but I can only speak from experience and based on this experience I definitely feel comfortable recommending Hostgator.

A good course of action would be to set yourself yourself up with their Baby Plan or Business Plan. The Business Plan comes with a toll free number, private IP and SSL certificate. The Baby Plan is in my opinion the better option if you’re just starting off and don’t need the more business orientated services of the Business Plan. The Baby Plan is just $6.36 a month which is a really good deal in my opinion.

As your website traffic grows (and hopefully your wallet) you can always grow your way into more advanced hosting solutions like VPS or even dedicated servers. Hostgator offers all of these.

In this post I am assuming that you know what to do next once you’ve got your web hosting needs all sorted out, but if you need some advice on how you can get started with making money online leave on comment on this post and I will try my best to help you out. You could of course just browse my blog here for some good money making opportunities.

Thank you for your time and attention, and I wish you the best of luck with your entrepreneurial journey. Now go on and make a million – and more – bucks!