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How to spot the top 3% of all stocks in seconds

Dear Trader,

As you probably know, there are over 7,000 stocks to choose from on just the U.S. exchanges alone…

But what you might NOT know is that about 97% of these stocks are PURE POISON for your portfolio, meaning that the odds are stacked AGAINST you before you even place a trade.

Recently, I discovered a way to automatically FILTER OUT the ‘poison’ stocks and leave you with:

  • The Top 3% that offer the most profit potential every time you trade.

These are the safest, most predictable stocks that give you the best odds…

-and if you’re NOT trading stocks in the Top 3%, you could be unknowingly KILLING your portfolio.

I recorded a series of training videos that reveal my discovery, and show you how to filter out the poison stocks yourself.

The first video is ready to watch here…

After you watch it, please leave a comment below the video and let me know what you think.

I think we’re on to something big here…

Good Trading,
Bill Poulos

p.s. With this discovery, you have the potential to BEAT the S&P500 by 4,760% or MORE. I know, it sounds weird, but it’ll make sense after you watch the video…

Turn $100 Into $200 With a Few Mouseclicks

Hello everyone.

I’m talking about a friend of mine here who, like me, was really getting annoyed at all the scammy products and make-money-from-home B.S.

By sheer luck, he was able to get into a betatester group for a product called the “Z-code System”.

He was proud about it and everyday, i got “harassed” (literally) by him on Skype!

chat excerpt from 10.12.2011

Cyril: Hey howz it goin?
Me: doing good buddy. whassup!
Cyril: I tell you pal its been awesome. Zcode is really something else.. Im at 3,000 bucks with a $100 investment! :)
Me: You know buddy im flooded with opportunities and i have no interest in some sports betting B.S.
Cyril: heyyyy.. Its not open to the public. I can’t refer you nor do I intend to do that! Just wanted to give you a heads-up


To make a long story short, i wasn`t thrilled.. but boy! after a while, the consistent “YES, another winning day!” and happy shouts from Cyril made me curious…

Back in January, he sent me his track record of his bets with a so-called “bookmaker”… in fact, he told me that Z-code is being developed by the same FapTurbo programmers that launched one of the very first forex robots on the market that exploited a trading loophole and made the “early birds” wealthy…

The statement was mind boogling…

Cyril made $6700 bucks out of his initial $100 bets. Unreal!

And to top it all off, the whole system is scalable… if he had used $1000 USD bets, he would be sitting on $67,000 now!!

I tell you guys, I’m not easily WOW-ed, but this is something else! Unfortunately, Z-Code is closed to the public but it seems they are looking for new betatesters and are willing to let 5 more people in…

I’m no sports fan (I barely watch the soccer world championship) but money is money… and if it’s made easily, who am I to complain? Better to spend minutes a day placing some carefully selected system bets, than working our asses off in a 10 hour day-to-day dead-end job, right?

You have to see this with your own eyes because they want to give us the goods upfront… meaning, if you access their page now for the next 24 hours only, they will give you:

The F.REE Goodies!

a) Showcasing the Betatesting Facebook group with close to 12,000 Fans


b) A F.REE 4 Day Profit Journey for you to experience as they prove their system over the next 4 days, showing you everything about how they make the big bucks in under 3 minutes a day!


That’s 2 bonuses that you can get right away but looks like these will be online only for the next 24 hours, so head over and get yours NOW!


Cyril is a 26 year old “boy”, so if he can do it (5 minutes a day is all that`s needed), so can we, right?


Check it out and try to grab a free beta-tester membership along the way. It seems to be the next best thing that’s hit the web and the early birds are the ones that make the MOST out of it!

Your buddy,


Update: While I’m updating this mail, i wanted to inform you guys that the Zcode Betatester group has a facebook page with over 11,000 hungry fans. Impressive stuff… and a sure indicator that we have something special cooking here.

Cyril is not the only one making money! There are a hell lotta happy campers lurking there. You can get the link to the group and check it out for yourself here!


IAFT – New Conditions of Trading in Foreign Exchange

‘Life grants nothing to us, mortals, without hard work’, said Horace, an ancient Rome poet. For centuries this maxim has been relevant in any business, and with the growing popularity of Foreign Exchange – it became relevant in trading as well as.

It is not a secret that not so long ago for a Foreign Exchange participant to start earning he needed to read numerous volumes of specialized materials and search for information at various websites online.

Today everything has changed. Now you can save time and efforts spent on searching for information in different sources. Traders can work under the most profitable conditions thanks to Traders Union, the first Official Association of Forex Traders.

IAFT is an organization that works for the benefit of traders. The Association’s participants are guaranteed 60% of the partnership payouts for every transaction performed. And the payout does not depend on whether the trade was profitable or not. A dream has come true, hasn’t it?

Besides financial advantages, IAFT provides all its members with free legal support. In case of a dispute with a dealing center a trader can always resort to the help of the organization’s legal attorneys. The Association is ready to defend the trader’s rights at any level. This service has become available due to the cooperation with a world class consulting company – EMEXB LTD. The company’s mission is the protection of traders’ rights in the international Foreign Exchange market.

EMEXB LTD Company also directly partakes in bringing IAFT ideas to life. In the course of operation it became a founder of the insurance fund for the Association’s participants. It should be noted that the above mentioned service – deposit insurance – is unmatched by any organization.

You can find more details regarding the work of International Association of Forex Traders at the Company’s website

It’s FreeWeek at EWI: Get Complimentary Commodity Forecasts, Video Analysis, Trading Lessons and More!


Do you happen to be a trader like me? If so, please read on as I’ve got a special freebie to share with you.

Elliott Wave International has just announced the beginning of their popular commodity FreeWeek event, where non-subscribers can test-drive some of their most popular premium services.

Now through noon Thursday, October 27 (Eastern time), you’ll get complete access to all of EWI’s most-promising daily, weekly and monthly opportunities in the world’s leading commodities, plus all the charts, world-class analysis, video forecasts along with a treasure chest of trading lessons and more! (Subscribers normally pay $49/month for these services.)

Learn more and get instant access to EWI’s FreeWeek of commodity forecasts and trading education now — before the opportunity ends for good.

FreeWeek is one of EWI’s most popular programs, and it’s perfect for anyone curious about EWI’s subscription services.



About the Publisher, Elliott Wave International

Founded in 1979 by Robert R. Prechter Jr., Elliott Wave International (EWI) is the world’s largest market forecasting firm. Its staff of full-time analysts provides 24-hour-a-day market analysis to institutional and private investors around the world.

You up on this stock market ‘flaw’?

Check this out.

While researching new ways to save time trading the stock market
(without sacrificing profit potential), this trader kind of
stumbled upon 2 ‘discoveries’ that may surprise you.

The first one has to do with a ‘flaw’ in how 90% of more of
traders think about trading these markets.

It’s deceptively simple…

-yet it led him to develop a pretty unusual technique around
grabbing the highest-probability & lowest-risk ‘sweet spots’
from the best stocks.

Watch this brand new video he just recorded that reveals these
discoveries, along with an unusual ‘profit pipeline’ technique.

You can see it here:


Good Trading!

p.s. If you really, really enjoy staring at your computer all
day long day trading every nook & cranny of the markets, then
you might not like this video, because it shows you how to spend
LESS time trading and MORE time ‘having a life’.


Doors Just Opened To The Fast Track To Options Success Program

Options University just opened up the doors the
highly-anticipated Fast Track To Options Success Program.
There are just 250 copies being made available during this
initial release, so you’d better go now and reserve your copy.

The special Fast Track To Options Success website can be found
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What is Fast Track To Options Success?

It is an options training program designed to get you trading
options, successfully, in the shortest amount of time possible.

How fast?? Let’s put it this way. Many of you will be up and
trading successfully in just a matter of weeks.

Sound good?
To learn more about Fast Track, check out the link below:


So you know, this isn’t just some set of options strategies
that you can get from a book at Barnes and Nobles.

Fast Track To Options Success is based upon a 6 step process
that traders have been using for decades to help them make a
fortune in the options market. And now, with the right
training, you can potentially be able to do the same, for


P.S: Fast Track To Options is now LIVE & there are only 250
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