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Eerily similar S&P500 chart action video


If you’re scared or confused about what’s been happening in the
market and the economy over the past week…

-then you need to see the brand new trading video I just
recorded for you.

* It shows you what usually happens when the market is gripped
by fear, like it is now… and how smart traders can pounce on
the coming profit potential…

-I walk you through the current S&P500 chart, and then show you
an eerily similar situation a few years ago. You may be
surprised by what’s going on…

See it here:


As a bonus, I start the video with 3 recent trades that set up
this past Monday the market plunged. 2 of them hit 10% profit
targets already last week, and 1 didn’t enter into a trade at
all, so you can see the importance of having step-by-step ‘risk
rules’ to keep you out of the trades you shouldn’t even be

I hope you enjoy the video.

Here’s the page again:


Good Trading,
Bill Poulos