5 thoughts on “ClixSense proof of payment (again)”

  1. clixsense 86 views | 0 post This advertisement is already inactive The advertisement posted in this page is already inactive and it is possible that the details here are already invalid.

    Take care,
    Abdul Rehman Agha

  2. Abdul ClixSense is not once it once used to be. I think eventually the website will be shut down, but I could be wrong. I forgot to update this post. To be honest I don’t have much time to check back with all these programs. I since moved on to something better than “pay per view/click” advertising.

  3. Yeah that may be the case but I stopped using these types of websites. It’s just not worth the effort for the measly few dollars you get. The only way I think it’s worth it is if you refer other members to the site.

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