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I’m not sure how many of you know about this, but has an excellent affiliate program that I’m sure you’ll find interesting. There are some amazing programmers and web designers that use this website so I’m sure you’ll be able to find excellent programming talent at some very competitive prices. The key to ScriptLance is that programmers and webmasters compete for your business. But anyways, since I’m not here to talk about that let me focus on how ScriptLance can make you money.

ScriptLance pays affiliates half the fees they charge users to participate in projects. If you refer a Webmaster they will pay you 40% of ALL the fees they charge that user, as well as 40% of the fees they charge the Programmer he works with! If you refer a Programmer you will earn 10% of ALL the fees they charge that user, as well as the Webmaster he works with. On top of that you will also earn 50% of Certified Member fees ($5-$12.50) and 50% of Job Listing fees ($19.50).

Pretty cool eh? There are lots of project being opened daily so imagine if your refer say 20 or 50 webmasters and a dozen programmers. Since they are most likely to have repeat business (especially programmers) you are going to be making money every time! It’s called passive income and it’s the best.

Enjoy folks, and I wish you luck with this excellent affiliate program.

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  1. A great online marketplace site you should check out is ICanFreelance ( Many online marketplace sites have similar features, but ICanFreelance offers several advantages:

    1. No membership fees, ever. You set your own rates. We charge a 5% commission on what you make.
    2. Guaranteed payment for hourly work. Hours are automatically logged through our ICanFreelance Team software, and payment is guaranteed. (We offer a fixed bid option as well, but encourage users to go with hourly because of this added security.)
    3. Large project size. Our hourly projects work out to over $3,000 on average.
    4. Flexibility. Did you or the customer come up with a bunch of new ideas that will take longer than you expected? No problem—you’ll be paid for every hour you work, and with ICanFreelance Team’s regular screenshots, you can show the Buyer what you’re doing every step of the way.
    5. Tools. Our free tools make it easy to collaborate with your buyer and all your team members. Track tasks through Bugzilla and remember every change ever made to your files with our SVN source code repository.

    ~Mark, ICanFeeelance

  2. Mark, great website. It would be cool if you guys offered an affiliate program. No doubt many of my blog’s readers would love to promote your website if you gave them a small incentive.


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