Free ClickBank mall provider is now

Just a brief heads up to those of you who read my posting about’ free clickbank mall offer. The website providing this service has just changed domain names from a boring .org to a glitzy .com. From now on your free clickbank mall will be hosted at

Existing mall owners should not worry because all your old links will automatically forward to the new site, but still make sure that from now on you use the updates mall and referral links associated with the new domain.

I still have my mall up and running and so far it’s been getting some good traffic. If you want your own mall for free just visit

I hope this more consumer friendly domain names increases our earnings.

**EDIT: I no longer recommend this website. I am 90% sure it’s just a scam. The only person making money from this is the CBTopSites admin who inserts his clickbank id 9 time out of 10 into YOUR cbtopsites mall – EVEN IF YOU PAID FOR THE UPGRADE!!***

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