New private investment opportunity – Private Program 2

It has been quite a long time since I introduced my readers to a new investment opportunity. I am happy to report that after a long time I did manage to find another exclusive investment program which I am willing to share with a few people. Before I tell you a bit more about this opportunity I should mention that membership will be limited. Probably by the end of January 2008 the program will no longer accept new investors.

How do I join?

This opportunity is available strictly by invitation only. You must be invited by an existing member.

How are revenues generated?

Revenues are generated from options trading with blue chip stocks only. Keep in mind that we the investors OWN these stocks so we are not trading on margin. This is the conservative portion of our investment portfolio.

For those of you who wish to seek higher returns, but of course with increased risk, can put their money into the more aggressive strategy plan. The difference being in this case that we do NOT own the shares we trade.

What are the estimated returns one can expect?

Strategy 1: ~ -2.50% to +15% per month

Strategy 2: ~ -15% to +20% per month (I told you this one is more risky!)

So far we’ve had no negative months (knock on wood) so all is well.

What are the minimum investment levels?

Strategy 1: $1000

Strategy 2: $200

What are the available payment methods?

E-gold, e-bullion, paypal & bank wire. Paypal is preferred because it allows for easy movement from trading accounts to bank accounts to paypal and vice versa.

Where does this program have its base of operations?

You will find this once you become a member. Suffice it to say it is NOT based in the United States.

That’s all I am prepared to say in public. If anyone is interested you can use the contact e-mail at the bottom of this message to reach me. Once the program’s books have reached their maximum membership levels I will be removing this opportunity from the blog.

If you wish to know more such as this program’s performance record or if you wish to join please give me a shout at e-mail address below:

You can reach me at this e-mail address.

*Please mention “Private 2” in the subject line*

*Dec 21, 2007 Errata: Previously I had the minimum for Strategy 2 as $1000. This was not correct. It is $200. *

–UPDATE May 25 2008–

Both funds are now open to new investors.

For a detailed explanation of how this private investment program works please click here. 

29 thoughts on “New private investment opportunity – Private Program 2”

  1. Very easy. Send an e-mail to the e-mail at the bottom of the article saying “I’d like to join etc…etc” that way I have written proof of your interest in joining and I’ll e-mail you back with all the details.

    Thanks, and have a great day.

  2. oh btw, people who I reply to..please check your spam filter..maybe my e-mails get sent there I don’t know, but do that before you start to think that I do not reply to my e-mails..not that anyone has ever told me this, but I’m just saying..thanks :)

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  4. I’ll be looking in to this if it’s still an option. It’s always smart to have investments that pay more than the banks’ products (like GICs, MFs, etc).

  5. It’s still available Dwayne. The recent volatility in the stock market has affected the program a bit, but still we’ve had no major loses.

  6. I am a newbie to this area of finance however I am looking to make an extra income from home. Is this a viable program for me to join with miminum loss? Your kind response is greatly appreciated.

  7. Well, this program is more of a long term investment rather than a income generator. If you need a steady and quick to withdraw income stream then I’m afraid this program won’t suit your needs.

    There reason this program is not suited as an income stream is because it deals with stocks, and I’m sure you know that in order to get your money out of a stock you have to sell it. But since the funds of other investors are involved as well, when someone withdraws it actually hurts the overall health of the pooled fund. That is why one of the requirements for withdrawal is at least 1-2 month notice.

    There are loses but so far thankfully they’ve been very minimal. Last month was profitable for us at I believe 4.5% or something like that – it’s mentioned somewhere here on this blog.

    I hope this answers your question Jawana.

    Have a great day!

  8. Although I’d gladly like to invite you in I think right now is not the best time to join. Our program has suffered some losses due to the brutal global stock market crash and we are in a tough financial situation trying to recuperate our loses.

    Thus I think it may be best to wait and join later on down the road.

    If you still wish to join in spite of this, well, I won’t refuse you – it’s up to you.

  9. Sara I’m sorry but the program is closed. The main manager’s health is failing so the program’s stock trading funds are probably going to be funnelled into a managed forex trading account.

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