Global Pension Plan is a scam, period!

Some of you probably have head about GPP (global pension plan), the new fangled pyramid scheme “reverse pension plan” promising you 55,000 EUR with a membership fee of only 35 EUR. Check out this article for more details.

Also think about this:

Let’s say that 95% of the 100,000 members do live to be 65. That means that 95,000 policies will receive $200,000 or about $19 billion. Let’s assume the average time to payback the mortgage is 35 years, and that the interest rate is a low 7.5%. A $12 billion loan on those terms would mean a required payback of $150 billion, far far more than $19 billion.

It all sounds pretty plausible until you run the real numbers. The only way this would work is if the bank giving out the asset backed loan expects a 1.2% return on their money. That isn’t happening. No insurer or bank would back this absurd program.

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  1. I agree with you thst GPP may be a scam. I have been with them for almost four years and have been misled and lied to about the payout. The klongeer it drags out the more it becomes a scam. Buty, for to claim that thyue could not payout is erronius. I am in a few of these. One is oaying out now. I wil let you know when it happens, just to prove it. Obviously you know noting of offshor e finance. I do!.

    Tlak to yu in abou 6 weeks.

  2. Ok Steve. Thanks for your comment and I do hope you get paid.

    Also I’d like to know how you can back up your claim that I know nothing of offshore finance and _YOU_ do. C’mon and post some explanation as to how their system is realistic and achievable given you supposed knowledge of offshore finance.

    Also I’d like to add that just because you’ve been paid does not guarantee that a program is not a scam. Have you heard of ponzi schemes, or HYIPS?

    But anyways, talk to you in 6 weeks as you say.

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for answering. Yes I know of ponzi schemes and manhy other schemes. I have been taken for a small amount of money because of my caution. I chalk that up to learning fees. But it is possible that as you shovel through the garbage, you may just find a diamond.

    As for offshore: That is a large topic. Simply put it is a palce to go if you are fed up with big brother. But if all you know that it is just a place to hide your money, you will be taken for a ride. Offhsore is actually for becoming a new person. You completely walk away from your past. Emotional ties must be cut as well as family ties. Otherwise why on earth would you want to disappear? So many people hide their mony offshore and get into a sticky situation. Mainly becasue they cannot keeop it a secret.

    I have no emotional ties to anyone except GOd and I. So I can live anyhwere I choose where it is pleasant for me.

    The most common thing in todays world is DECEPTION. It is rife. Start with Mr. Bush and the belief systems being promulgated into the minds of the masses. If the population of the world knew what the politicians and their sexcret supporters were up to, they would rip them to pieces with their bare hands.

    Do you know what a certificte of money is on the internnational market? This billions of dollar stuff.
    God bless

  4. Seems like they are about to pay out, according to this email from GPP (

    Hi folks,

    At last the instructions for which we have been waiting!!

    This from Stella: –

    “Dear Members,

    We are now ready to start accepting the documents. Please follow these
    instructions carefully to ensure the safe delivery and to save both yourself
    and us from further trouble and extra work.

    1. Scan your passport copy and the completed and signed Membership Agreement. Make two JPEG/JPG files, don’t combine them into one file. One file must not be larger than 1MB, so use 150dpi resolution.

    2. Compose one email with only your username in the subject line and two attachments. Do not write anything to the email body, it will not be read. Do not send more than one email for one member.

    3. Send the email to: (email address will be revealed on the 17th of July)

    4. Check your email account for an automated confirmation.

    Please note:

    – only JPEG/JPG (same file type, different name) files are accepted (other file types will be automatically rejected)
    – emails larger than 3MB will be automatically rejected
    – use the same email address to send the documents as you have saved in your profile

    You will have one month to send the email with the scanned documents:

    from 17th of July 2008 until the 17th of August 2008.

    This information is not to be publicly regenerated and published outside this forum.

    Thank you for your cooperation!

    Regards, ”



    Whoops, it says you can’t reproduce this info outside of their forum. Just as well I’m not a member then, eh?

  5. lol Lynda…I’ll believe it when I hear that EVERYONE got paid, not just a few. Even a ponzi scheme pays, but just not everyone. I guess we will have to wait and see.

    Thanks for sharing the info Lynda.

    Feel free to start a Global Pension Plan thread on my forum btw:

    I check it very often so we could probably get a pretty lively conversation going – about GPP of course


  6. Are people still believing this bollocks??

    good luck to those who submit their docs, with signatures, photos, bank details to a unknown, untested organisation(probably eastern european) who provide not even an address or phone number

    it is a scam, end of story

  7. another ting to add

    the numbers are fantastical – we are talking money that would crash JP Morgan, CitiBank and HSBC COMBINED. 5 times the profit of Shell, BP and Chevron

    as with most scams, make the story so unbelievable that people cannot fathom the numbers so just go dumb and believe it

  8. Tell me about it! The whole thing is so damn ridiculous that it just boggles the mind that some people still hold on to the pipe dream and can’t see through the financial nonsense.

    *Sigh* What greed can do to man.

  9. Well I have 6 policies. If it does pay out ill get over Euro 300,000

    Ill take teh gamble! Thing is why oh why would they not have closed the books and ran by now? Why are they accepting teh documents? What would be the point?

  10. I don’t know why they haven’t ran yet. Who knows, maybe they want to steal a few pieces of ID before they flee. Like you said, it is a gamble. I very much doubt you’ll get those 300,000 but hey, if you do, all the more power to you. Even if some do get some money it probably will have come from others who paid late into the system…ie it was ponzi scheme.

  11. Well I too am in the GPP and am worried that I have to send in ID but we have all known this since paying our initial fee.
    I am 99% sure we wont get a payout but there is the 1% chance that it may pay out and its that 1% that many of us who joined the GPP are hoping for.

    I do think that it will payout, but I reckon that the money shall be given to GPP to hand out to us policy holders and guess what…they wont…not only are they rich now…they will be richer!

    I am intrigued to see how GPP finally ends….maybe a picture of so called ‘stella’ A black man with breasts with a bottle of Stella Artois in his hand and a card in the other saying ‘suckers’

    Who knows….?

  12. hahahaha…:) oh that’s one funny way of having it end. They really should do that. Criminals with a sense of humor – what a refreshing twist.

  13. I read the first passage about how ‘no bank would finance a loan as low as 1,2% with these prerequisites’. Well, wasn’t the whole idea that some person/business/foundation had $8B to put into this and turn it into $12B by the end of every policy turn-out? In that case, I guess the math could hold… even though it’s hysterical.

    Anyways, I am seriously intrigued to see what comes out of this. I bet my money that it’s a SCAM. And WHY would they still keep it active? Because that way they can milk you for more money. Why run and close the books when no one knows who you are and you have hundreds of thousands of people willing to “sign up for an extra policy at only €10!!! Only 250,000 policies available now. A once in a life time opportunity to get filthy rich!!”

    This last year they’ve had three set pay-out dates without any pay-outs. Always something happening or due to unfulfilled requirements. This behaviour is also known as delaying and keeping up appearance. I bet you they will soon say that everyone who wants their banking issues taken care of, only have to pay a small fee of say €10 to get their credit card/s. You will probably receive your credit card (keeping up appearance), but some “snag” actually caused your funds not to transfer yet. They will be available on your account in, let’s say 2 months or 8 weeks… and so on…

    I was added to this thing by a well-meaning friend but immediately erased all my data and info. I would NEVER submit any copies of my ID/Passport, in color and perfectly readable as they ask for. That’s just begging for trouble. Before you know it, you’ld have a stiff loan in Angola or Nigeria and 2 luxury cars i Kuala Lumpur that you actually handed over to “Stella’s husband” because she is such a likeable person…

    just my 2 cents…

  14. I agree 100% with your assessment. And I may add that nobody in their right mind would hand over their private information to these GPP people.

  15. well, as of now they are talking a LOT about how the sheep of the media don’t dare to send in their ID-copy and such. Saying that some people are idiots, browsing internet forums and getting hypnotized that GPP is a scam. So, now they urge everyone to recruite at least one more person to join the program that will actually have the balls to send in their papers. So there it was, the new way to get everyone to get someone else to join, doubling the income for the people behind GPP.

    In my opinion, if everything’s done and all it takes is the paperwork to be filed. Why don’t they give away the additional slots for free to anyone willing to take the risk and hand in their papers? Of course, not… because that is how it works. They are calculating that a lot of people will have doubts about sending in their ID and that makes a perfect excuse to beg for more members… I mean, what about those extra 250,000 plans they had up for grabs when the first 100,000 were filled… if they have 350,000 plans and can’t get a 100,000 papers, I guess they are not seen as legit by their own members…

  16. Of course all of us investors entered with our fingers crossed, knowing that it was like playing the lottery, but in order to be a winner u must first Enter, other wise your chances of winning will Always be absolutely 0, only death and judgement day r guaranteed

  17. Of course all of us investors entered with our fingers crossed, knowing that it was like playing the lottery, but in order to be a winner u must first Enter, other wise your chances of winning will Always be absolutely 0, only death and judgement day r guaranteed.

  18. Ok, I guess some of you people just don’t understand that this is not like playing the lottery. When you play the lottery your chances of winning are very slim, but you still have a chance. With GPP your chances of winning are ZERO.

    You will get nothing! The only people who will win the “lottery” are those behind GPP, and all thanks to your kind support.

    People quit chasing pie in the sky dreams to get rich overnight and do something real for a change with real chances of success.

    That’s all I gotta say. I think I’m done with this GPP junk.


  19. I don’t understand why people worry about what others do with their money. Although I am not a member of GPP, I have invested in things that I know was legit and still did not make anything.
    If these people loose their money that is their business.
    Not to mention as for IDs, if they already have peoples names and addresses they already have your personal information. People don’t need your ID if they want to become you. All they need is your name. Scammers have mailed phony checks to people’s house. How do you think they get peoples info? Everyday we get on the internet we are putting our info out there. People will put their Credit Card info, Check Card info etc, over the internet, or telephone, but they worry about sending something with just their name & address on it to strangers. Everytime you enter a cc # on the internet, some stranger on the other end has your CC#, and just because they work there does not mean they are not theives. Some one used our church cc to fund an out of the country flight. That is how I know people worry to much about meaningless things and not enough about whats real. Stop worrying about other folk, and worry about yourself. This day in time what ever gives you hope, go for it. Life is short baby and if it makes you happy, do it. Spend your money however you like. People pis me off worrying about other people’s financial matters.
    As for the lottery. Your state is collecting the money for the lottery and everyday people are going without healthcare. At least GPP from my understanding you pay one fee and that’s it unless you choose to buy additional policies. Life is a lottery, GPP is a lottery, life is a gamble. Sometimes you win and sometimes you loose. People only worry about ya when they are hating on ya.

  20. Well, let me clarify. I do not care what others do with their money. I am simply stating my opinion that it is a scam and if you give your money to them you are NOT playing it like the lottery as you will get nothing. Then again I don’t care, it’s your money and if you wish to toss it in the wind, so be it.

    I must also state that I do not subscribe to the selfish “look out for number one” mentality. If you can help others avoid being ripped off, why not do it? The problem here is that people driven by greed get suckered into putting their money into schemes that do not and cannot work. Do they not know any better? Perhaps not! Should others that do at the very least try to warn them, yes!

    Trust me I do not lose any sleep at night because some dullard somewhere thinks that he can turn $100 into $600,000 in a year or two by giving his money to someone he doesn’t know.

    Like you said, if they lose their money that is their business. But the very least I can do (which requires VERY minimal effort on my part) is to try to slap them one or twice upside the head, and who knows maybe they’ll wake up if they’re not too far gone down the “get rich quick” tunnel of infinite penury and gullibility.

  21. Σθμφωνω με ολα αυτα διοτι ειμαι κι εγω ενας απο τους απατημενους. Χωρις να το σκεφτω πολυ αγορασα κι εγω ψευτικα συμβολαια γνωριζοντας πως προκειται για απατη, αλλα ο ανθρωπος ψαχνει το ευκολο χρημα ειτε ειναι να το παρει ειτε ειναι να το χασει. Σκεφτηκα μονο πως γινονται πολλα κολπα γυρο απο τις τραπεζες και τις ασφαλιστικες και ισως υπαρχει 1% αληθεια μεσα σε ολα αυτα. Η απατη ομως εδω στην Ελλαδα διοκεται χωρις βεβαια να εχουμε καμια ελπιδα να παρουμε πισω τα λεφτα μας. Επισης σκεφτηκα πως καλυτερα να χασω 300 Ευρω και να ελπιζω για 1600000 Ευρω παρα να εχω τα 300 Ευρω και να μαθω πως ενας φιλος μου πιρε 1600000 Ευρω.

  22. The above comment translates (roughly) as such:

    “Sthmfono with all this because I too am one of the clowns. Without thinking too much even bought EGO fake contracts knowing that this is fraud, but the people are looking for easy money is to either get it either is to lose it. I thought just how many tricks are made round the banks and insurance and maybe there is 1% truth in all of this. The fraud but here in Greece dioketai without of course we have no chance to get back our money. Also I thought it better to miss Euro 300 and hope for 1.6 million euro than to have 300 Euro and learn how a friend of mine Pires 1.6 million Euro”

    Sorry but I don’t speak Greek, so I’ll respond in English.

    All I’ve got to say is that this comment illustrates perfectly why you all should avoid such HYIP SCAMS!

    Sadly you or anyone else will have no chance to get your money back. Those of you who bought into this scam I highly recommend you stop dreaming of easy money and focus on REAL opportunities that do not promise you easy money overnight.

    Sorry for your loss, but I guess it’s time to move on, no?

  23. People have too much faith in things like this. Let’s put it plain and simple- in a fashion that maybe everyone can understand.

    “If it’s too good to be true, then it’s generally- too good to be true”.

    I think that pretty much sums this up. And with the extraordinary lack of evidence in terms of success from GPP, I’m pretty sure almost everyone will agree.

    People who look at this and let their greedy “money-craving” side take over as opposed to common sense pretty much deserve to be screwed over.

    They’re idiots, and you don’t have to be one of them. They’re the kind of people that sit eating doritos in their underpants at 3AM watching crappy old horror movies.

    Hell, at least the people who came up with this con are getting something from it. I’m glad they ripped off these idiots. It’s like they say, “If you’re good at something, never do it for free”. Obviously “Stella”‘s a great con-artist. My hat’s off. The people who lost their money were just undeniably- a bunch of gullible fucktards.

  24. Yes I agree with you Maglor. A fool and his money are soon parted, and anyone who put 1 cent in this scheme is undeniably, categorically, absolutely, without a doubt a big fool.

  25. From: Global Pension TRUSTEE
    Sent: Wed, 27 October, 2010 1:04:12 AM
    Subject: GPP Urgent Update!

    Dear GPP Members,

    October 25, 2010 Global Pension TRUSTEE Administration reached agreement with 20 banks on documents delivery and Card (Silver, Gold and Platinum Card).

    We have experienced some difficulties in the past with document delivery to your home address. We found the final solution – the courier service FedEx. Delivery in 5 -12 days (depending on your country) after your payment.

    Payment for shipping FedEx – $59.

    – Liberty Reserve Account: U2809340 (Global Account)

    Memo: Shipping / UserName

    FedEx Delivery takes place immediately after the payment of $ 59.

    November 5, 2010 Global Pension Plan will be closed.

    New debit card orders and upgrade requests accepted only until November 05th, 2010.

    Below is some additional information needed.

    Instructions for requesting a purchase of additional policies or debit card order upgrade :

    If you wish to purchase an additional policy, pay 15 EURO or 20 USD to either of the Liberty Reserve account, and put in the memo section : USERNAME + NUMBER OF POLICIES PURCHASED.

    If you have paid for a Card and wish to upgrade, pay the balance to the same Liberty Reserve account you used for your first paid order and in the memo section, put in : username + CONVERT TO (TYPE OF CARD).

    For example, if you have paid for a Silver Card and wish to upgrade to a Gold Card, what you need to do is pay the $50 balance to the same account you used before and in the memo section, put in : username + CONVERT TO GOLD.

    If you have paid for a Gold Card and wish to upgrade to a Platinum Card, what you need to do is pay the $125 balance to the same account you used before and in the memo section, put in : username + CONVERT TO PLATINUM.

    If you have paid for a Silver Card and wish to upgrade to a Platinum Card, what you need to do is pay the $175 balance to the same account you used before and in the memo section, put in : username + CONVERT TO PLATINUM.

    – If you have ordered e.g. 5 Silver Cards but only wish to upgrade e.g. 2 Cards to Gold/Platinum, simply make two separate balance payments and we will know that only two of your cards have to be upgraded. If you wishes to upgrade all your cards, you can make the balance payments in one batch.

    – Orders of e.g. 3 Gold Cards (total cost : $225) will not be automatically converted to one Platinum card, because we do not know if you wish to have 3 separate cards (for your spouse/family etc) or just one with a larger limit. So if you e.g. have ordered 3 Gold Cards and wishes to get one Platinum Card instead, pay $0.1 or less to the same account you used before and in the memo section put in : username : CONVERT 3 GOLD TO 1 PLATINUM. (The $25 you overpaid will be put into your Debit Card balance). Same method for Silver conversion to Gold. You can convert 3 Silver Cards to one Gold Card for NO EXTRA FEE.

    Point is : if you have paid enough or more for a conversion, you do NOT need to pay again. Simply send $0.1 or less and fill in the memo section.

    Liberty Reserve account information and payment memo details required for new Card Orders and Card Conversion Requests : You can use either account, there is no problem. We initially set up two accounts to help make the accounting work easier.

    – Liberty Reserve Account : U9948672 (Global Debit SILVER)

    – Liberty Reserve Account : U5871417 (Global Debit GOLD)

    – Liberty Reserve Account: U2809340 (Global Account) Memo: Shipping / UserName

    To summarize the Debit Card types :

    – SILVER costs $25 per card, ATM cash withdrawal limit of $500 daily.

    – GOLD costs $75 per card, ATM cash withdrawal limit of $2,500 daily.

    – PLATINUM costs $200 per card, ATM cash withdrawal limit of $10,000 daily.

    – Additional policy costs 15 EURO or 20 USD each, payable in either currency. There are only 12,756 policies left unclaimed.

    With Regards,

    The Global Pension TRUSTEE

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