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Sorry for this blatant plug, but my PTC site is in dire need of advertisers to get things moving. For the last month or two it has been stagnating pretty much. I am a bit surprised as I though the advertising package was extremely cheap – $13 for 1000 guaranteed page views (20 seconds or more). We need members too, but mainly advertisers as our clickers are just itching to do see your ads.

Don’t forget the site accepts the following wide variety of payment systems: PayPal, Moneybookers, e-gold, and c-gold. If there is enough demand I would accept e-bullion as well.

Hope to see you at:


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  1. Hi Alan, I posted your goldenbux site on a forum to see if I can get some referrals to join and hopefully some advertisers for the site as well.


  2. Hi qua5ar. Thanks :)! I’m sure you’ll get members to join. I’ve had no problems with that so far, just advertisers have been harder to get. The site grew wildly in the beginning, but now growth has somewhat tapered off. I guess the steam behind the whole bux clone sites has ran out. We shall see.

    I’m going to implement an upgrade to the site soon which will add the following features particularly relevant for clickers/advertisers:

    hourly human click verification
    added security
    downline mailer
    non incentive ad rotator

    Also surf timer will be increased to 30 seconds to give more exposure to advertisers’ websites.

    I wish you success qua5ar and I hope you build yourself a huge downline.

  3. Thanks Alan, well I’ve had some people say that 1000 visits for $13 is too expensive :( , but you pay $0.01 per click which is reasonable , I guess must advertisers are attracted to really, really cheap advertising, something like $6 per 1000 visits but you would have to lower the cost per click then, members also like to use other payment methods e-gold or Liberty Reserve to withdraw, it’d be a plus if you could add that and maybe charge a commission like 10% to withdraw with e-gold or LR. There’s just so much competition out there, you know, there’s like a million pay to click sites out there lol.

  4. Well, I’ve been researching this and $13 is pretty cheap for 1000 visitors who get paid 1 cent per click.

    I know advertisers like really cheap advertising but who in their right mind would click for fractions of a penny! I know I know, people do click for fraction s of a penny but I think it’s a waste of time. With a cent per click you can at least reach my site’s minimum payout of $3 in a reasonable time span. Also, guess what the original bux site that started this whole bux phenomenon charges for 1000 visitors:

    1,000 Visits $0.03 $30.00

    Yep, $30…3 cents per click. My site, 1 cent per click. I think 3 cents per click is a reasonable reward to clickers for taking their time to see your site, and 1 cent is even better!

    As for other withdraw options I do intend to add that but I’d have to upgrade the script as it is a bit limiting at the moment. For the time being I guess I can do manual payouts via e-gold but it would be too cumbersome. I’d have to post text explaining to users that they need to e-mail support with their e-gold blah blah blah. It would be nice to have it integrated into the script and I’m trying to get the guy I bought the script from to make some changes for me.

    Yep, you’re absolutely right. The competition out there is intense. As for the pay per click rate, I’d really wish not to change it as I want to attract “high end” clickers (lol that sounds kind of funny) and also quality advertisers. But who knows what will happen.

    If things don’t pick up in the next few months I just may toss this venture in the “tried, moved on” pile or I will just offer it for sale to whoever want to take it over. We shall see.

    Thanks for the comment qua5ar :)

  5. Hey no problem, I guess you are right, less than one cent per click is truly just a waste of time. Well have you tried advertising the site on other pay to click sites? there’s a lot of bad ones, but sites like maybe is not bad.
    Oh and don’t worry, I didn’t post your site on the Talkgarbage forum lol. I’m having a bad time trying to get a nice income off the web, I make a couple of bucks on ebay and some other spare change, maybe because I’m not willing to risk some money to setup a businness, nor do I have enough experience or knowledge yet, but I guess it just requires a bit more patience.


  6. oh god no..not talkgarbage *cough* gold *cough*…that forum is just full of ..I better not say anything..I’d be wasting my breath.

    Yeah, Clixsense is great. I’ve used the site for a bit and they do pay. I received 5 checks from them already. I may advertise my site a bit more once I get some upgrade done to the site’s script. I absolutely need some features to make my admin life easier.

    As for ebay, I think one can earn a great income on it if you have stuff to sell or can get some products at wholesale rates. Or you can do like I did which is to sell whatever junk you can find around the house. I never though I’d sell all my old computer parts but eh I guess one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure.

    As for making an income on the web, sometimes yes you do have to invest not just time but money. You know the old cliche nothing in life is free. Unfortunately you do have to put something in to get something out. If you do not have a lot of money to start with I’d suggest you get good at being an affiliate. Sign-up for web hosting affiliates or just about any affiliate program you believe provides a service that will sell and then read a few good books on online marketing and apply the techniques. Another think you may want to look into is promoting ClickBank’s information products.

    I believe I wrote a few articles here on how to get a basic start, and I even reviewed one site that will give you a free clickbank mall (I have one too at if you’re curious to know how it looks like).

    However the best advice I can give you is to not be afraid to experiment.

    A toast to your success my friend.


  7. Excellent, thanks for the info Alan! Clickbank + CBtopsites makes it very easy to make money being an affiliate :) , I will keep you updated on my success.

  8. It certainly does. Don’t forget though to drive targeted traffic to your cbtopsites mall.

    If you don’t mind, post your experience with cbtopsites on this blog’s forum. I’m sure other people would be interested to hear how your experience went.

  9. Sure Alan, I’ll post on your forum, but first I need to get some good traffic, that’s gonna be the hard part lol, have you had any luck with clickbank and cbtopsites?.

  10. Yep, actually I’ve had even though I’ve done little to no promotion (other than the links from this blog).

    As for the forum, stay tuned as I have a brand spankin new vBulletin based forum waiting. All the old posts and users will be migrated over.

    I’ll be making a blog posting about it.

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