Numox is a scam


Hello everyone. Not to long ago – in fact yesterday – I wrote a review of a new e-currency system called Numox (found over here). Well, I must formally apologize as I overlooked something in my first review. Had I not forgotten to do a check on the name which appears on the domain name record, I would’ve came across the following article in the e-commerce journal.

Thanks goes out to Mark Herpel from DGC Magazine for pointing me to this article.

If you read it carefully you will understand why I now recommend that you stay away from Numox. An e-currency system is ran by a former HYIP admin (Peter Takac) ! Forget it! Don’t bother trusting anyone who is or has been involved in running an HYIP!

For the uninitiated in the whole “online investment” scene, a HYIP stands for “High Yield Investment Program.”  A HYIP is nothing more than a ponzi scheme so avoid them at all costs or you WILL lose your money.

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