Everything You Need to Start Your New Life Offshore


Hello dear readers. Have you ever wanted to expatriate? Are you aware of the numerous financial and lifestyle benefits of relocating your family business offshore? If you answered yes to both questions then the next logical step is to go ahead and actually do it. But, like all important decisions in life you need to do your research and think carefully before you make your move.

I happen to be a subscriber to Escape From America Magazine, and I found an interesting article written by Robert E. Bauman in the August 2008 issue. In this article Mr. Bauman give some very helpful and insightful tips about moving to another country (becoming an expat.) In this article Mr. Bauman breaks down the process of relocating offshore and discusses the following topics or key points:

1) Decide if This Is Really What You Want

2) Create Your Own Blueprint of an Ideal New Home

3) You Have to Think about Taxes

4) Choose Your Moving Day

5) Rent, Don’t Buy at First

I don’t want to be stealing the limelight, so if you’re interested in this topic I’d suggest you click here to read Mr. Bauman’s article. I hope you find it informative.



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