Here’s your second chance at stock market mastery


Have you calmed down yet?

Many traders have, so hopefully you have, too.

What am I talking about?

* The non-stop media blitz of FEAR that we’ve been pounded
with over the past several weeks.

It’s been very interesting to watch the polarization in the
stock trading education community.

Here’s what happened:

* The experienced, collected stock trading “pros” who’ve
been around the block did their best to calm down the
easily-excitable individuals…

They did this with encouraging words, trading videos, and
even some complimentary training to demonstrate how NOW is
potentially one of the best times in our LIFETIME to get in
on the coming profit potential the market is about to serve

In my opinion, 30+ year trader Bill Poulos did one of the
best jobs trying to “pour cold water” on the media hysterics
last week when he released a huge amount of multimedia
training material.

It was all solid, actionable stuff, and it tied directly
into his new Market Mastery Protege Program home study

Many traders took advantage of it and are now “locked in” to
his charter group of students he’s already begun to work
with to show them how to navigate through today’s markets,
and how to spot profit potential again & again…

-but many traders missed out, too.

However, you may have a ‘second chance’…


Bill recognizes that a lot of traders were indeed “spooked”
last week as otherwise sane individuals “froze up” and
weren’t able to make any kind of decision around what to do
in the markets…

After spending last weekend answering emails from his
readers, he received more than a few “pleas” asking if there
were any more openings in his program.

* So he decided to let 50 more traders into his now sold out
Market Mastery Protege Program.

If you were one of the individuals who was “on the fence”
last week about this program and missed out, here are the

* From now until Thursday, October 16th, at 11:59pm Eastern
(New York time), you and 49 other students can get in.

That’s it.

If you miss out this time, sorry, but Bill needs to move on
and focus on the traders who DID take action to better their
future by joining his Market Mastery Protege Program.

To see the latest inventory count and to reserve your copy,
check here:

Good Trading

p.s. Bill currently has no plans to release large numbers of
this course any time soon, so if you want to be one of the
“Final 50”, please reserve your copy now here: