26 thoughts on “Payoneer Virtual US Bank Account Review”

  1. Customer relations department says I CAN’T accept ACH from individuals, only from companies. Any comment about this new change? Thanks a lot. Marce

  2. Hmm, well that’s odd. This must be a recent change in policy as when I was using their services I was able to receive payments from individuals.

  3. For you PP users: Get a PayPal Debit Card. 1% Cashback,… and NO FEES! Turn off back-up funding source and it’ll hit your PP balance. Viola, a no fees, pre-paid card.

  4. Avoid payoneer at all cost. I was trying to load money to a guy who works for me and had an account with them, and when I initiated the transaction a day later they asked me to fax the copy of my credit card and my driver licence to them.

    I did, and 3 days later since I initiated the transaction, they notified me that the transaction couldn’t be completed. Needless to say my $500 I wanted to transfer got captured from my bank account.

    They shoul d have known at the first place that the account holder had reached his limit, so I wouldn’t have had to waste my time on faxing the required documnts

    Their customer service is very unrresponsive. AVOID!

  5. I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience with Payoneer, but when I was using their debit card I never had any problems whatsoever and their customer service reps were very responsive.

  6. Hey,

    How long after you made the request ..did they take to approve and create the virtual bank account and issue it to you?


  7. rom, perhaps they stopped offering this service..it’s been a while since I looked into Payoneer. I stopped using their virtual bank account a while back but I may resume use of it in the next few months (assuming it’s still active)

    Ok, I just logged into my account so it is still active :)

  8. Good day,

    Can you please tell me how or where I can apply for the Payoneer US VIRTUAL bank ACCOUNT & Card? Because I work with Clickbank, Paydotcom, I wish to sell on Ebay ect…. These sites work with Paypal and in order for me to receive money I need to get a US bank account. I subscribed to ispeedway, I paid all the fees even got myself a domain name (DushiBoutique.com) but Paypal is my problem. I recently joined Cash Tanker an Investment group I want to be able to tranfer my money from Liverty reserve to my account. Please see what you can do for me. I’ve seen ads online for US virtual bank account but am afraid of scammers I’d rather deal with payoneer because of you legitimacy. Thanking you in advance.

    A quick response would be highly appreciated.

    Kind Regards,

  9. Hello I have a question have payoneer year or month limit and what means maximum load limit 12.500$? It means that you can hold up to 12.5k$ in one time?

  10. This is just great and so much helpful for people like me who are struggling to withdraw money from paypal. I already requested for a payoneer debit card and hope I will be approved and then lucky enough to get my virtual bank account.

  11. I’ve requested virtual bank account too recently. Hope all be OK. But does aybody know some services where I can get VISA card on same terms like Payoneer Mastercard?
    Just Mastercard is not elegible for MoneyBookers and by the Google I could find only same Mastercards – Dinero, etc…

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  13. Payoneer is an excellent option for many people, but as a trader I don’t use it as no broker have it, I believe it’s too risky to go with something which is not used by to many companies. I am currently working with OctaFX broker where I am using Skrill, it’s a wonderful option to use for investment while my broker also does a great job to make it far better for me with providing instant transactions to any payment processor I use.

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