Paid to Click Website For Sale

Greetings. A while back I setup a paid to click site at It worked okay for a while, it made me some money, but recently due to time constraints and me being busy with other persuits I haven’t had the time to really put the necessary energy into making the site prosper further. So I decided to sell it. If you’re familiar with PTC or “paid to click” sites you know that they can be excellent advertising tools. You as a site operator can earn a fair bit of money offering advertising services.

What you get:

1) domain
2) Complete website (script, modifications, everything)
3) Free install ( if you need it that is)

By the way, the script has been modified to accept moneybookers & e-gold payments.

Why am I selling it:

Lack of time. I am no longer have the time necessary to maintain such advertising platforms.

My asking price:

Make me an offer! Send your offers to

to checkout the site visit:

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