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Because I have such a great relationship with the folks over at
Options U, they’re allowing me to offer their flagship product,
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If the 50% discount isn’t enough to have you heading to this
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* Bonus #1: ($497 Value) Options 101 and advanced options
courses. Everybody who orders the Options Mastery Series will
get online access to their best-selling beginner to intermediate
options training courses, to bring you up to speed as quickly as
possible on the key terms and strategy concepts detailed in the
Mastery Series.

* Bonus 2: ($297 Value) 30-Day GOLD Membership with Complete
Access To their New Members-Only Website. You’ll get F.R.E.E.
access to over 100 trading articles, special proprietary tools,
software & scanners, newsletter, private tele-seminars, and
web-seminar archives.

* Bonus 3: ($250 Value) 60 Minute Phone Call With Options
Expert and Former Floor Trader Ron Ianieri. Limited to 77 only
(because there are only 24 hours in a day – and he like to sleep
too). You’ll get access to Ron to answer any question you want
to ask. Ask him anything, big or small…

* Bonus 4: ($247 Value) Special Previously Unreleased Video
Sampler Pack. In this ‘Special Video Sampler Pack’ you’ll get
their NEW ‘Proper Application of Strategy to Selection’ Videos,
plus their ‘ISP’ and ‘MyISP’ (Investment Selection Protocols —
2 Videos) and Copies of their ‘Options Strategy Guides’ I and II

* Bonus 5: ($297 Value) 30 Days F.R.E.E. of their New Strategy
Spotlight Monthly Online Web-Training Classes. This is a super
bonus and an excellent complement to your new Mastery Series
education. Every month, they’ll review a new strategy in
detail… Live on your home computer…

That’s a lot of bonuses… and you get it all “on the house”
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Good Trading,

P.S. This special half off sale ends at midnight on Sunday,
April 5th. As far as I know, they’ve never discounted their
Options Mastery Series like this before, and I’d be surprised if
they did it again.

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