7-Day Free Pass to More Profitable Options Trading (Webinar)


This is an important announcement, so I’ll get right to it…

Brett Fogle over at Options University just sent me a note that
when they ‘open the doors’ in under two weeks (Date and Time TBA)
to take reservations for their Options Mastery Series Giveaway
that I notified you of last week…

There’ll be an extra ‘surprise’ bonus waiting for you…

* A 7-Day ‘F.R.E.E. Pass’ to their ‘New And Improved’ Options
University Gold Membership Site! (Preview event details below)


After over a year’s worth of programming, number crunching,
and painstaking ‘behind the scenes’ testing, they’ve created
what may be the most powerful and profitable options trading
membership site available anywhere on the internet.

That’s because as an Options University Gold Member, you’ll
have access to their NEW proprietary option trading analytic
tools, special members only scanners, their NEW ‘Trade Finder’
technology, and other educational material not available
anywhere else at any price!

These tools are so powerful and effective that they take care
of all the ‘heavy lifting’ when it comes to option trading
analysis — all at the push of a few buttons on your keyboard.

But that only scratches the surface of what’s included above.

And they are ONLY available to Options University Gold Members.

No one else.

(Remember, this is just another bonus they’re offering you IN
ADDITION to your chance at securing a COMPLIMENTARY copy of
their Options Mastery Series valued at $1997 — which they’re
giving away to just 1000 traders)

If you’re SERIOUS about becoming a highly-successful options
trader, armed with ALL the tools to put the odds in your favor…

You Need To See What’s ‘Behind The Doors’ Of The New OU Gold
Member Website!

This Thursday you can do just that!

They’re having one (possibly TWO) preview webinars to give you
a ‘Virtual Tour’ of all these incredible tools.

Visit this page below right now to secure your virtual ‘seat’:


Why are they doing this?

Well, the folks at Options University say they’re on a ‘mission.’

A mission to teach options to as many people as possible.

Options trading is coming of age, and is no longer the exclusive
playground for professional traders and hedge fund managers.

More and more individual investors (just like you) are turning
to options trading every year. In fact, options trading volume
is increasing at over 40% annually!

And for good reason.

Options can HELP people by PROTECTING their investments and
trading more efficiently by limiting RISK and INCREASING ROI.

Which is why NOW is the perfect time to start educating traders
all about how to trade options.

But here’s the catch.

You have to know what you’re doing. (Like some of the Options
University alumni Mastery students, who made HUGE returns and
/ or escaped unharmed as the market cruised lower last year.)

So that’s why they decided to GIVE AWAY their flagship Options
Mastery Series course, and why I’m letting you in the doors to
a private tour of their NEW Gold Options Membership Site (to
show you additional tools you can use… and it’s f.r.e.e.)


There’s NO WAY I can effectively describe what’s ‘inside’ this
powerful new suite of tools which you can now add to your
online trading arsenal.

That just wouldn’t do it justice.

So they’ll have to SHOW you.

And that’s just what we plan to do this Thursday evening at
9:00 pm EST.

At that time, they’ve prepared a special webinar to:

* Show you some of the NEW powerful tools they’ve created

* Walk you through the NEW website to show you what’s there for you

* Show you how to get the most out of the various software tools
and other important and valuable resources in the members area.

All designed to MAKE YOU MORE MONEY.

So here’s what I suggest you do now.

Go to this web page and register for Thursday night’s webinar:


I look forward to seeing you there, but note that they expect to
surpass their 1000 seat capacity. Over 12,500 people are already
signed up for the Mastery Series Giveaway, and so some of you,
unfortunately, will not make it in unless they can add more seats.

But at these numbers, I can’t promise anything…

So I would plan to register and arrive early.

P.S. The ‘NEW’ Options University Gold Members-Only Site contains
powerful proprietary software and tools not available anywhere else,
including their new ‘Trade Finder’ software that looks for and finds
high probability technical pattern setups for you to consider.

Tools of this caliber (if available anywhere else) would cost
thousands monthly to access — if you could even get to them.

Register for a f.r.e.e. preview Thursday night to see what you’ll
also be getting access to if you’re one of the 1st 1000 to claim
your Mastery Series in the next two weeks.

Register below now: