10 Websites Which Will Save You Money

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By now most people realize that shopping online will save them money. You can save money by shopping online not only because you can save money on travel and time on queues, but also because online stores are able to offer you cheaper prices on their products than a store with a shop front (i.e. overheads) could. However, not only can you save money online by doing your shopping, there are also hundreds and thousands of websites dedicated to helping you save even more on those online purchases and here is a top 10 list of websites which will save you money.


Coupon Code Websites


Coupon code websites, also known as promotional code websites, offer you discounts, free extras and cash back deals on just about any product or service you can think of; all you have to do is search the site and click through on a coupon which catches your eye to redeem the discount. There are numerous coupon code websites out there and this means the chances of you finding a coupon for your favourite online store or much needed service are high if you know where to look.


1 Retail Me Not http://www.retailmenot.com/


Retail Me Not offers you the choice of coupons from over 40,000 different retailers, but there is also more to the site than just the actual savings. When you become a member of the Retail Me Not online community you have access to the site’s blog and discussion forums, plus you’ll receive regular emails about upcoming events and competitions, so not only can you save money but you also have the chance to pick up some great prizes. As part of the Retail Me Not online community users share their tips and advice for saving money online, plus the site is well designed and easily laid out so you don’t feel you’ve stumbled into an online scam with a lot of flashing ads and glaringly ugly headings. So if you’re wondering where to start in your search for online bargains, click these coupons and their extras.


2 Coupon Codes 4 U http://www.couponcodes4u.com/


Another very user friendly coupon code website, and one which gives you a little advice before you start using the site on how the coupons work, and things to look out for before you choose a coupon. For those new to coupon code websites Coupon Codes 4 U will remind you to check expiry dates for example, and the site has a short list of the moth’s top retailers with coupon codes available. Coupon Codes 4 U also accepts coupon submissions from its users so if you come across a coupon which doesn’t suit you but you want to share it, you can submit it to the site for someone else to make use of.


Cash Back Websites


Many comparison websites will receive a commission from retailers they link to when a user clicks through to that retailer’s site. With cash back websites, they pass on this commission to the user, sometimes in full and sometimes just a portion of it. Regardless of the percentage, starting your online shopping at a cash back site could mean getting sometimes hundreds of dollars back on a purchase you would have made directly from the retailer’s site anyway.


3 Quidco http://www.quidco.com/


Quidco is one of the cash back sites which passes on 100% of their commission from retailers to their members. Originally founded to help students save money online, Quidco charges members just £5 a year which is deducted from one of their cash backs to keep the site running. This means Quidco is completely independent so you’re not bombarded with advertising and you don’t have to worry that you’re being directed to retailers who are sponsoring the site, rather than the ones which are really best for you.


4 Manufacturer websites


Often retailers and manufacturers will offer specials and cash back deals to encourage sales. These may be online or in store, but you generally have to buy the product and then apply online by entering your receipt number to redeem your cash back. When you’re in the store you are usually caught up in the savings you are going to make when your cash back cheque comes, so it is important to remember to go to the manufacturer or retailer’s website to redeem your cash back offer – it is usually as simple as filling out an online form and waiting for the cheque to arrive in the mail.


Discount Websites


The internet is a great place to find great bargains, if you know where to look and there are entire websites dedicated to discounting the products you are looking for.


5 Kitchenware Direct http://www.kitchenwaredirect.com.au/


It can be expensive to kit out a whole kitchen, especially when you want to fill your kitchen with all the great brands your friends can’t afford. That’s why you need to shop online for your kitchenwares at a dedicated online discount store. Kitchenware Direct invites you to become a member of the site and receive notifications about special offers – sometimes the site may offer free shipping (which can normally be expensive on bulky or fragile kitchen items – or will offer site wide discounts off their prices which are already cheaper than the stores.


6 Banana Blue http://www.bananablue.com.au/


Banana Blue is an online supermarket and shopping for your groceries online is a great way to save money. The weekly shop can take a substantial bite out of your budget and if you can save money on your groceries it will make a big difference to your bottom line. By shopping online you buy only what you need and none of those impulse items, plus Banana Blue is backed by IGA Group and guarantee you 100% quality and freshness.


Comparison Websites


You don’t have to do all your shopping online to use these websites to save money. There are a number of comparison websites online which allow you to shop around for the best prices on products before you leave the house, so you know you’re getting the best deal. Comparison websites are also used to keep retailers or service providers competitive in their pricing, which means you can save even more.


7 Fuel Watch http://motormouth.com.au/pricesearch.aspx


Fuel is one thing you can’t buy online, but you can use the internet to help you find the best price out on the road. Fuel prices fluctuate according to the day of the week, the time of the day and the street that you’re on so you can save a lot of money by entering your post code into Motor Mouth and finding the cheapest fuel at that exact time. Fuel prices are updated in the morning and afternoon each day, and the site collects prices for all major cities.


8 Grocery Watch http://www.grocery-watch.com/


After the Australian Government tried and failed to launch a site in 2008 for groceries which reported the prices of items in a similar way to the fuel watch sites used around the country, in 2009 social media took over and Twitter was used to launch a working Grocery Watch website. The site offers you a free membership, with which you can make a list of the items you will be looking for, find any coupons or discount offers which are available and prints your shopping list with the location of the cheapest items on the list.


Online Auctions


We’ve all heard of eBay, but it’s not the only place online you can save by beating other shoppers to the bid. The best way to save money with online auctions is to stay across the board of all auctions, and find an auction site which works with the way you shop.


9 eBay http://www.ebay.com/


Once you register for the free membership to eBay you can view hundreds of thousands of new and used items for sale at prices far below those you would find in any store. You also don’t have to worry about buying used items if you don’t want to because there are many eBay sellers who use the site as their main income to sell their products new, still in the packet, but at reduced online auction prices. eBay also has proven conflict resolution systems in place and take the privacy of their buyers and sellers very seriously so it is a great place to start your online shopping adventures if you’re new to all this.


10 Bid Rivals http://www.bidrivals.com/au/


Bid Rivals is an online auction site with a difference, but the difference is that it is more like a traditional auction in that you can make live bids, onscreen. Bid Rivals has very cheap items in a range of categories and you actually purchase the bids, rather than pay an amount for the item. When you sign up to the site you are given one free bid and you can also buy bid packages. You can then visit live auctions where you choose to spend your bid in the hopes that no one else bids before the time runs out on that item. Because the cost of the bids is much less than the cost of the actual item you can make savings of around 60-70% if you get your bid in before the time ends, and after everyone else has spent their bids.


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