The Economic Crisis No One Saw Coming: A Convenient Untruth

The Economic Crisis No One Saw Coming: A Convenient Untruth

August 9, 2010

By Elliott Wave International

The single most convenient untruth about the 2008 (and counting)
financial crisis is that it was unforeseen. For two years policymakers
have insisted “There was no way to know ahead of time” that
the liquidity boom would come to a screeching halt. Back in November
2008, in fact, the usually tight-lipped Queen of England herself
publicly described the turmoil of international markets as “awful” and
openly asked a panel of experts from the London School of Economics “Why
did nobody notice?

Her Majesty is right: Most financial authorities did
NOT notice the crisis before it was too late. Comedy Central’s “The
Daily Show with Jon Stewart” of all places provided the
most poignant evidence: A March 2009 video montage
shows executives and economists from the world’s leading financial
firms repeatedly forecasting continued upside strength in stocks,
plus renewed bull market growth in financials — right as debt
markets came unhinged and the US stock market headed into a 50%-plus

Dubbed the “8-Minute Rap” (after the “18-Minute
Gap” of Nixon’s Watergate tapes), the Daily Show video feature
sent an equally powerful message, as the clip
below makes plain

Yet even as the mainstream authorities failed to detect the
economic earthquake moving below their own feet, somebody did “notice” well
in advance. That person was EWI’s president Bob Prechter.

The clip below is from a 2007 Bloomberg interview.
Clear as PLAY, the foreseeable nature of the crisis emerges from
Bob’s October 19, 2007 interview.

As the historic trend change began to unfold, Bob issued this
timely insight:

“We’ve seen the first crack in the credit structure
with a huge drop in commercial paper… These are the harbingers
of a change toward the downside for the stock market, commodities
including oil, and the debt market itself.”

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