I’m trying out Linknami


Hi everyone. Hope you all are having success with all your various money making ventures!

As for me I’ve been more busy than usual with my Forex adventure to focus much on anything. But a few days ago I came across a advertising and ad publishing platform called “Linknami” (clever name I suppose) and I’ve decided to sign-up for it. So you may start seeing a few in text links from them popping up at random here on my blog, or you may not – it all depends on how well Linknami’s platform works for me. As such I intend to test it for a while and write a review of it later on with a ton more details than I intend to provide in this posting.

If you have website, blog or any other web presence and you’d like to give Linknami a try much like I am doing, I recommend you checkout their link here:


I’ll keep you all posted on whether Linknami is a good website monetization tool or not.


4 thoughts on “I’m trying out Linknami”

  1. I have already signed up for an account but sorry it’s not under your code but from somebody else. I just came across your site for searching about them whether they are safe to use or not.

  2. lol no worries..as for them being safe, well, we can never be 100% sure but I don’t think we can “lose” money but perhaps only time. I think they should be pretty safe to promote and use. If I find out otherwise I will make sure to make a blog post about it.

    I’m wondering do you have Linknami active on your blog?

  3. Well personally I never got around to making use of it. Lack of time I the main issue for me. Maybe someday when I setup a new blog I will make use of Linknami.

    If anyone has experiences they’d like to share please by all means do.

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